Zoe Strimpel

Zoe Strimpel (born July 8, 1982) is a British journalist, academic historian, author, and commentator on gender and relationships.[1] She is a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph[2] where she writes a weekly column, commenting on gender, feminism, dating, relationships and identity politics.

Zoe Strimpel
Zoe Strimpel

July 8, 1982
London, England
EducationJesus College, Cambridge
Wolfson College, Cambridge
University of Sussex
Alma materJesus College, Cambridge
OccupationJournalist, Academic (Gender Studies)
Years active2010-present

Early life and education

Strimpel was born into a Jewish family in London in 1982.[3][4] She grew up in Boston in the United States, and moved back to England at age 16, studying for her A-levels at a "bohemian-ish independent boarding school".[3][5] She studied English at Jesus College, Cambridge, and later attended Wolfson College, Cambridge.[6] She received her PhD in History from the University of Sussex.[7]



Strimpel is the author of What the Hell is He Thinking?: All the Questions You've Ever Asked About Men Answered,[8][9] which was published in July 2010. It is aimed at providing an insight into men's thinking, researched by Strimpel interviewing men. Her second book, The Man Diet: One Woman's Quest to End Bad Romance was published on 22 December 2011.[10][9] Both books received positive reviews from critics[11][12][13] and press coverage.[3] Strimpel is the author of an academic book, Seeking Love in Modern Britain: Gender, Dating and the Rise of 'the Single', which charts the emergence of the dating industry in Britain in the final decades of the 20th century against the backdrop of rapidly changing gender politics, class, and sexuality.[14] James Bloodworth from UnHerd calls Strimpel's latest work a "fascinating new book".[15]


From 2006, Strimpel was the author of the Girl about town column in The London Paper,[16] a now-defunct free daily newspaper. From 2008, Strimpel was a features and lifestyle writer for City AM, a business-orientated London daily newspaper.[17] She has also written on relations between men and women for Elle,[18] the Sunday Times Style magazine,[16] and HuffPost.[19] She has also contributed to The Jewish Chronicle.[20]

She has written a weekly column for The Sunday Telegraph.[2][21][22]


Strimpel has appeared on radio and television as a commentator to discuss topics such as dating, feminism, and diversity.[23][24][25] Her piece in The Sunday Telegraph on the #MeToo movement[26] led to appearances on The BBC[27] and Al Jazeera[28] to discuss the matter. She appeared in the HBO documentary Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age to discuss online dating apps.[29][30]


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