"If there is something that your older loved one is insisting on doing, try to understand their motivation," says Cathleen Colón-Emeric. (Credit: Getty Images )

How to talk to your older parents about the coronavirus

Expert tips to help you navigate tough conversations with your parents and guide decisions about staying inside and staying healthy.

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March 24, 2020 1 minSource

older person on phone looks exasperated with hand in the air

Here are expert suggestions for navigating the new and urgent conversations with older parents in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“If your father says, ‘I’m healthy and strong,’ change your appeal to ‘You could bring the virus home to mom and she’s more frail.'”

Like many of us, Cathleen Colón-Emeric, chief of the Division of Geriatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine, has older parents who live nearby. She’s familiar with the decisions facing many families, including her own, right now.

Here she talks about extroverted elders, professional caretakers, and other factors:

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