Understanding reality through algorithms

Neuroscience PhD student Fernanda De La Torre uses complex algorithms to investigate philosophical questions about perception and reality.

Leah Campbell | School of Science • mit
today ~10 min

New Online Guide Shows Incredible Bird Migrations

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~4 min

CRISPR could make testing for SARS-CoV-2 fast and easy

Researchers have modified the CRISPR gene editing tool to serve as a diagnostic test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID.

Mike Williams-Rice • futurity
Sept. 23, 2022 ~6 min

How nature handles all that nitrogen

Two new papers on nitrogen compounds help describe the nitrogen cycle with greater detail and precision than was previously possible.

Michigan State • futurity
Sept. 22, 2022 ~10 min

Cell Rover: Exploring and augmenting the inner world of the cell

MIT researchers demonstrate an intracellular antenna that's compatible with 3D biological systems and can operate wirelessly inside a living cell.

Michaela Jarvis | MIT Media Lab • mit
Sept. 22, 2022 ~6 min

Tests use Dr. Seuss to probe speech perception

Researchers had participants listen to a speaker reading The Lorax to investigate how the brain is engaged during complex audiovisual speech perception.

Kelsie Smith-Hayduk - U. Rochester • futurity
Sept. 22, 2022 ~5 min

Elon Musk Seeks to Bring Starlink Internet Service to Iran

VOA Learning English • voa
Sept. 21, 2022 ~5 min

Ocean scientists measure sediment plume stirred up by deep-sea-mining vehicle

A new field study reveals a previously unobserved fluid dynamic process that is key to assessing impact of deep-sea mining operations.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Sept. 21, 2022 ~8 min

Brain evolution clarifies why woodpeckers peck

The specialized brain area that helps songbirds learn songs also exists in woodpeckers, suggesting their communicative rat-a-tat-tat evolved the same way.

Corrie Pikul-Brown • futurity
Sept. 21, 2022 ~7 min

Visualizing migration stories

“Distance Unknown,” an exhibition by MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab, documents the often challenging journeys migrants undertake to gain economic opportunity and food security.

School of Architecture and Planning • mit
Sept. 21, 2022 ~6 min