Why the ethics of octopus farming is so troubling

Octopuses are enigmatic beings whose experiences of industrial farming are likely to be profound.

Lindsay Hamilton, Professor of Animal Organization Studies, University of York • conversation
today ~7 min

From the bed sheets to the TV remote, a microbiologist reveals the shocking truth about dirt and germs in hotel rooms

The filthy secrets of hotel rooms and why you might want to pack disinfectant on your next trip.

Primrose Freestone, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology, University of Leicester • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

A friend who's more boss than BFF may be harmful for teens' mental health

Friendships are important, but are they always healthy? New research finds that teens who feel dominated by their friends experience lower self-esteem and more symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Alexandra Ehrhardt, Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology, Wayne State University • conversation
yesterday ~5 min

Poisons are a potent tool for murder in fiction – a toxicologist explains how some dangerous chemicals kill

From ‘Breaking Bad’ to James Bond, certain chemicals are popular options for characters looking to achieve nefarious ends.

Brad Reisfeld, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado State University • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

Increases in opioid overdoses in Pennsylvania varied by county during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pennsylvania has long had one of the highest death rates from drug overdose in the US. But new studies suggest counties throughout the state have different rates of opioid deaths.

Ruchi Patel, Doctoral Student in Geography, Penn State • conversation
yesterday ~6 min

Seabirds that swallow ocean plastic waste have scarring in their stomachs – scientists have named this disease 'plasticosis'

Many marine animals, birds and fish are ingesting plastic. New research identifies the first named health effect from it.

Matthew Savoca, Postdoctoral researcher, Stanford University • conversation
yesterday ~9 min

China could be harvesting TikTok data – but much of the user information is already out in the open

TikTok has been banned from UK government devices, but it’s easy for all social media platforms to harvest your data.

Alan Woodward, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey • conversation
yesterday ~8 min

Interactive cinema: how films could alter plotlines in real time by responding to viewers' emotions

A new film changes its story based on the emotions expressed by the viewer.

Richard Ramchurn, Assistant researcher, University of Nottingham • conversation
March 20, 2023 ~8 min

How to make your clothes last longer – it's good for your bank account and the environment too

By understanding clothing care labels, you can extend the lifespan of your clothes.

Sajida Gordon, Researcher in the Clothing Sustainability Research Group, Nottingham Trent University • conversation
March 20, 2023 ~7 min

What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? A cybersecurity expert explains what it is and what the Biden administration has changed

The new National Cybersecurity Strategy reiterates the government’s focus on resilient infrastructure and taking the offensive against hackers. But it also brings a fresh approach to the private sector.

Richard Forno, Principal Lecturer in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County • conversation
March 20, 2023 ~9 min