Researchers safely integrate fragile 2D materials into devices

The advance opens a path to next-generation devices with unique optical and electronic properties.

Adam Zewe | MIT News • mit
Dec. 8, 2023 ~8 min

Accelerated climate action needed to sharply reduce current risks to life and life-support systems

2023 Global Change Outlook from the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change quantifies benefits of policies that cap global warming at 1.5 C.

Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change • mit
Dec. 6, 2023 ~11 min

How a hybrid heating system could lower your bills and shrink your carbon footprint

Oil and gas must be eliminated from heating systems over the coming years.

Jovana Radulovic, Head of School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, University of Portsmouth • conversation
Dec. 4, 2023 ~6 min

COP28 president is wrong – science clearly shows fossil fuels must go (and fast)

To avert climate breakdown, most of the world’s coal, oil and gas must stay underground.

Steve Pye, Associate Professor in Energy Systems, UCL • conversation
Dec. 4, 2023 ~7 min

Do we live in a giant void? It could solve the puzzle of the universe's expansion

If we lived in a cosmic area with below average density, it would explain recent contradictory measurements of the universe’s expansion.

Indranil Banik, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Astrophysics, University of St Andrews • conversation
Nov. 30, 2023 ~7 min

New study shows how universities are critical to emerging fusion industry

Fusion’s success as a renewable energy depends on the creation of an industry to support it, and academia is vital to that industry’s development.

Peter Reuell | Julianna Mullen | Plasma Science and Fusion Center • mit
Nov. 30, 2023 ~8 min

Why the Fed should treat climate change's $150B economic toll like other national crises it's helped fight

Fed Chair Jerome Powell bristles at talk of managing climate change, but the damage it is doing the US economy is hard to ignore, as the latest National Climate Assessment shows.

Martin Sokol, Associate Professor of Economic Geography, Trinity College Dublin • conversation
Nov. 29, 2023 ~9 min

A new way to deliver drugs more efficiently

Core-shell structures made of hydrogel could enable more efficient uptake in the body.

Department of Chemical Engineering • mit
Nov. 28, 2023 ~6 min

Team engineers nanoparticles using ion irradiation to advance clean energy and fuel conversion

The work demonstrates control over key properties leading to better performance.

Elizabeth Thomson | Materials Research Laboratory • mit
Nov. 27, 2023 ~7 min

Fallen autumn leaves are a valuable resource – here's how to make the most of them

Garden leaves make good compost, but street leaves are too polluted.

Anita Carey, PhD Candidate, School of Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Portsmouth • conversation
Nov. 23, 2023 ~6 min