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Use WordDisk to enhance your Vocabulary Check out features.


Spaced Repetition System

WordDisk utilizes Spaced Repetition System to give you best performance for memorizing of your own words.

Django and Pinax

Project based on Django framework and Pinax applications.

WordNet and Oxford Dictionary

Word definition, synonyms, antonyms and examples are provided by Wordnet project and some of them by Oxford API.

Versatile Tests

WordDisk aims to be a secondary tool for foreigner English learners.

Multi-Language Support

Worddisk supports about 20 languages, including most used ones.

Free/Open Source

Project will be on GitHub soon.

Sentence Dependency Tree

With the power of Natural Language Processing, WordDisk provides dependency tree of any selected sentence in articles.

Word Frequency

Corpus frequency of any given word on a Zipf scale, via LuminosoInsight.


On the page Wikipedia, you can access all Wikipedia content.


Quick Start

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Add a Word via Search

You can add a word via -> Search.

Add a Word in an Article

By selecting the word, you can also add a word into your list while reading an article in reading section.

Select&deselect the word which you want to see meanings, and add it.

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search page

Select Desired Meanings

You can select your desired meanings from among retrieved ones.

Test Yourself

You can test and train yourself in Test section.

Testing section utilizes Spaced Repetition System to give you best performance for memorizing of your own words. It gets optimized according to your habits and ability of memory retention.

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You can set daily and weekly reminders for your newly added words.

Reminders are in e-mail format, and sent to your e-mail address at any time of your choice.

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Future Developments

Optimized Tests

Tests will be user-centered and more informative.

More Resources

One of the future plans is to provide wide range of articles and any reading sources.

Any Idea?

If you have any idea on improvement of this site, feel free to contact us.