Demystifying machine-learning systems

A new method automatically describes, in natural language, what the individual components of a neural network do.

Adam Zewe | MIT News Office • mit
today ~8 min

Building technological tools for nuclear disarmament

Associate Professor Areg Danagoulian credits mentorship with helping him establish a path through nuclear physics.

Zach Winn | MIT News Office • mit
yesterday ~9 min

Physicists discover “secret sauce” behind exotic properties of a new quantum material

New work on superconducting kagome metal will aid design of other unusual quantum materials, with many potential applications.

Elizabeth A. Thomson | Materials Research Laboratory • mit
Jan. 21, 2022 ~10 min

What is bioengineered food? An agriculture expert explains

There’s a new label on many US food products – here’s what it means and who pushed to add it.

Kathleen Merrigan, Executive Director, Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems, Arizona State University • conversation
Jan. 21, 2022 ~6 min

An all-in-one approach to diabetes treatment

MIT engineers are working on a new kind of device that could streamline the process of blood glucose measurement and insulin injection.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office • mit
Jan. 20, 2022 ~7 min

When should someone trust an AI assistant’s predictions?

Researchers have created a method to help workers collaborate with artificial intelligence systems.

Adam Zewe | MIT News Office • mit
Jan. 19, 2022 ~8 min

A new way to perform "general inverse design" with high accuracy

SMART breakthrough could help develop technologies that can identify materials according to desired properties for specific applications.

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology • mit
Jan. 18, 2022 ~8 min

How well do explanation methods for machine-learning models work?

Researchers develop a way to test whether popular methods for understanding machine-learning models are working correctly.

Adam Zewe | MIT News Office • mit
Jan. 18, 2022 ~9 min

Controlling how “odd couple” surfaces and liquids interact

Spread out or bead up? A new process enables control over liquid-solid interfaces even with the most unlikely pairs of materials.

David Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
Jan. 17, 2022 ~7 min

Building machines that work for everyone – how diversity of test subjects is a technology blind spot, and what to do about it

It’s easy for researchers to fall back on using test subjects from the communities around them – students and employees. Branching out is key to avoiding technology that fails certain populations.

James Gibert, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University • conversation
Jan. 17, 2022 ~9 min