I sailed across oceans in search of microplastics – a new film charts my journey

A new film charts the voyage of an all-women crew who crossed oceans to sample microplastic pollution.

Emily Duncan, Associate Researcher, Conservation Biology, University of Exeter • conversation
today ~7 min

International development can tackle the climate and migration crises together

Aid would be much better spent if donors listened to the people they are trying to help.

Nathan Einbinder, Senior Research Fellow in Agroecology and Human Geography, University of Plymouth • conversation
today ~8 min

New fossil brings us a step closer to unravelling the mystery of feather evolution

Understanding more about feathers could change the way we think about dinosaurs.

Maria McNamara, Professor, Palaeobiology, University College Cork • conversation
today ~7 min

TikTok law threatening a ban if the app isn’t sold raises First Amendment concerns

The law forcing TikTok to be sold or banned is meant to protect Americans from Chinese government influence and privacy intrusions. But does it undermine a bedrock American principle?

Gautam Hans, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell University • conversation
today ~8 min

What is wind shear? An atmospheric scientist explains how it can tear down hurricanes

Vertical wind shear can keep tropical storms in check, particularly during El Niño years. When El Niño is gone, ii’s often not as strong.

Zachary Handlos, Atmospheric Science Educator, Georgia Institute of Technology • conversation
today ~4 min

Electric cars: swappable batteries could be the way to revive flagging sales

Many would say that swappable batteries have had their day for EVs. But it’s time to face the fact that the charging model isn’t working either.

ManMohan S Sodhi, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, City, University of London • conversation
today ~7 min

Synced brains: why being constantly tuned in to your child’s every need isn’t always ideal

Sometimes when the brains of parent and child are too synced it can be a sign of relationship difficulties.

Pascal Vrticka, Associate Professor / Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Essex • conversation
today ~9 min

“I feel like I’m Alice in Wonderland”: nightmares and ‘daymares’ could be early warning signs of autoimmune disease

An increase in nightmares and hallucinations – or ‘daymares’ – could herald the onset of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, say an international team led by

Cambridge University News • cambridge
yesterday ~7 min

Study: Gene May Cause Alzheimer’s in Some Cases

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~6 min

Blue Origin Sends Oldest Person into Space

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~3 min