Want to solve society's most urgent problems? Cash prizes can spur breakthroughs

Society has never faced more pressing challenges. Researchers are investigating how monetary prizes can help focus innovators' attention, creativity and investment on finding solutions.

Luciano Kay, Research Associate at the Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research, University of California, Santa Barbara • conversation
today ~9 min

Tags: innovation nobel-prize science-awards innovation-and-invention process-of-innovation incentives grand-challenges prizes

One small part of a human antibody has the potential to work as a drug for both prevention and therapy of COVID-19

Antibodies are great for neutralizing viruses. But they are big and bulky. Antibody engineers are now creating smaller synthetic antibody-like molecules that may be better for fighting COVID-19.

Dimiter Stanchev Dimitrov, Professor of Medicine and Director, Center for Antibody Therapeutics, University of Pittsburgh • conversation
today ~9 min

Tags:  health  medicine  immune-system  pandemic  immunology  sars-cov-2  covid-19-pandemic  ace2  antibody  innovation-and-invention  covid-19-research

Spider home invasion season: why the media may be to blame for your arachnophobia

An Italian study revealed how a murder mystery novel and a medical rarity were used to whip up media hysteria about spiders.

Mike Jeffries, Associate Professor, Ecology, Northumbria University, Newcastle • conversation
today ~6 min

Tags: media spiders phobias arachnophobia spider-bite arachnids hysteria

A dose of ketamine can treat ‘lazy eye’ in adults

Subanesthetic ketamine, already a treatment for depression and pain, can also treat amblyopia, or "lazy eye." Here's how.

Anne Warde-UC Irvine • futurity
today ~3 min

Tags: vision brains eyes health-and-medicine medications

Plastic straw ban in England comes into force

Businesses can no longer sell or supply the single-use items as part of efforts to reduce pollution.

BBC Science News • bbcnews
today ~2 min

Tags: plastic plastic-pollution

Covid-19: Funding crisis threatens zoos' vital conservation work

The body that represents British zoos says they are facing the biggest cash crisis in their history.

By Helen Briggs • bbcnews
today ~6 min

Tags: conservation biodiversity extinction animals wildlife-conservation zoos-and-zoology zoological-society-of-london

Harvard climate change expert discusses extreme heat

With the threat of extreme heat rising, from California to Siberia, we ask climate scientist Peter Huybers what to expect in the future.

Juan Siliezar • harvard
yesterday ~7 min

Tags: science-technology climate-change faculty-of-arts-and-sciences harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences peter-huybers juan-siliezar extreme-heat department-of-earth-and-planetary-sciences

More PT and OT cuts death risk for pneumonia patients

Physical therapy and occupational therapy leads to fewer hospital readmissions and lower death risk for patients with pneumonia, a new study shows.

Amerigo Allegretto-Pitt • futurity
yesterday ~4 min

Tags: lungs hospitals pneumonia health-and-medicine physical-therapy

Gun purchase age limits do little to curb homicides

Many young adults get their guns from family members or illicit channels, says Caitlin Moe. "[W]e can't address that kind of availability with age limits."

Jake Ellison-U. Washington • futurity
yesterday ~4 min

Tags: society-and-culture laws guns homicide

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