Golden eagles breeding success at Scottish Highlands estate

The raptors have bred on an estate in the Scottish Highlands for the first time in 40 years.

By Claire Marshall • bbcnews
today ~8 min

Study points to health disparities among former NFL players

Black, other athletes of color report more pain, physical impairment, mood disorders and cognitive problems than white peers.

Harvard Gazette • harvard
today ~6 min

Tags: health-medicine athletes athletics sports football nfl

Facial recognition in schools risks making racism worse

Deploying the use of facial recognition technology in schools "without understanding its implications would be unethical and dangerous," experts argue.

U. Michigan • futurity
today ~5 min

Tags: schools bias facial-recognition racism privacy society-and-culture

Study suggests animals think probabilistically to distinguish contexts

New statistical model may help scientists understand how animals infer whether surroundings are novel or haven’t changed enough to be a new context.

David Orenstein | Picower Institute for Learning and Memory • mit
today ~6 min

Tags: biology memory research behavior school-of-science brain-and-cognitive-sciences center-for-brains-minds-and-machines picower-institute

Coffee stains inspire optimal printing technique for electronics

Using an alcohol mixture, researchers modified how ink droplets dry, enabling cheap industrial-scale printing of electronic devices at unprecedented scales.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
today ~5 min

Tags: engineering advanced-materials graphene electronics printing

How to prep anxious kids to go back to school

An expert breaks down how parents can help kids stressed about the pandemic get back to school while watching for signs of emotional distress.

Patti Verbanas-Rutgers • futurity
today ~7 min

Tags: education covid-19 parents anxiety stress childrens-health emotions featured health-and-medicine

Mystery solved: Odd, giraffe-necked reptile lived in water

Researchers may have finally solved the mystery of where Tanystropheus, a bizarre reptile with a giraffe-like neck that lived 242 million years ago, lived.

U. Zurich • futurity
today ~6 min

Tags: evolution fossils reptiles science-and-technology skulls

Study finds promising results using acupuncture to treat inflammation

Acupuncture activates inflammation-regulating pathways, tames cytokine storm in mice.

Ekaterina Pesheva • harvard
today ~10 min

Tags: science-technology inflammation harvard-medical-school hms qiufu-ma acupuncture

‘Invisible words’ reveal a blueprint for all stories

Small, seemingly invisible words like "a," "it," and "the," show up in similar ways across all kinds of stories, researchers have found.

Rachel White-UT Austin • futurity
today ~5 min

Tags: language reading books society-and-culture storytelling

Worse memory with age? It may just be ‘different’

Rather than having "worse" memories as we age, it may just be that the way memory works changes over time, researchers report.

Brandie Jefferson-WUSTL • futurity
today ~7 min

Tags: memory aging brains older-adults health-and-medicine

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