The US electric power sector is halfway to zero carbon emissions

Fifteen years ago electric power generation was the largest source of US greenhouse gas emissions. Now the power sector is leading the shift to a clean energy economy.

Ryan Wiser, Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory • conversation
April 20, 2021 ~6 min

Competition heats up in the melting Arctic, and the US isn't prepared to counter Russia

Russia is attempting to claim more of the Arctic seabed – an area rich in oil, gas and minerals – and its fleet of icebreakers is helping shipping expand. The US needs some creative ideas to catch up.

Rockford Weitz, Professor of Practice & Director, Fletcher Maritime Studies Program, The Fletcher School, Tufts University • conversation
April 19, 2021 ~9 min

New tool developed to study ‘undruggable’ proteins

Researchers at Harvard have designed new, highly selective tools that can add or remove sugars from a protein with no off-target effects, to examine exactly what the sugars are doing and engineer them into new treatments for “undruggable” proteins.

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy • harvard
April 16, 2021 ~7 min

UK land now stores 7% more carbon than 300 years ago – what that means for the environment

Scientists need to know how much we can rely on the land to offset our emissions.

Jess Davies, Chair Professor in Sustainability, Lancaster University • conversation
April 16, 2021 ~6 min

UK woodlands 'at crisis point' amid wildlife decline

A review of the state of Britain's native woods and trees finds only 7% are in good condition.

April 13, 2021 ~3 min

The US needs a macrogrid to move electricity from areas that make it to areas that need it

The US electricity grid is actually five regional grids, and it's hard to share power between them. A macrogrid could bridge the gaps, making electricity cheaper and more reliable.

James D. McCalley, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University • conversation
April 5, 2021 ~9 min

Mustard gas among toxic waste in Wales' old landfill sites

Environmental campaigners dub the 1,572 locations across Wales "ticking time bombs".

April 2, 2021 ~7 min

Wildfire devastation lingers long after smoke has cleared

Long-term "ripple" effects of wildfires may not surface until months or years after the flames are extinguished, an expert explains.

Kara Manke-UC Berkeley • futurity
April 2, 2021 ~9 min

Researchers discover how chronic stress leads to hair loss

A Harvard study has confirmed that stress can lead to hair loss.

Jessica Lau • harvard
March 31, 2021 ~8 min

Biodiversity: how our health and happiness depend on a thriving planet

All the ways plants, animals, insects and the bacteria around us can be beneficial to human health.

Melissa Marselle, Lecturer in Psychology, De Montfort University • conversation
March 31, 2021 ~6 min