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Sept. 7, 2014 1 min

Nicole Mantie and her husband Dean bought a house, with a bathroom in a terrible state. The bathroom needed an urgent fixing. But after hearing their friend’s stories of a magical five-star safari, they decided to go for it instead of fixing the bathroom. Although going on a safari sounds less sensible than investing in a better bathroom, a decade of scientific research reveals the surprising wisdom of their decision. Studies show that people get more happiness from buying experiences than buying material things. Why? Experiences are more likely to bring us together with other people while material things are enjoyed alone. In one study, researchers from the University of Colorado discovered that pairs of strangers enjoyed talking more when they discussed experiential (versus material) purchases. Nicole and her husband recount getting kissed by a giraffe while on safari. No matter what your opinion about a giraffe’s kiss is, you must admit that this experience makes for a more surprising story than having a new bathroom.

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