Are young trees or old forests more important for slowing climate change?

The age of a forest can influence how effectively it offsets our emissions.

Tom Pugh, Reader in Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange, University of Birmingham • conversation
July 30, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: climate-change trees forests deforestation reforestation tree-planting carbon-cycle natural-climate-solutions

An effective climate change solution may lie in rocks beneath our feet

To avoid global warming on a catastrophic scale, nations need to reduce emissions and find ways to pull carbon from the air. One promising solution: spreading rock dust on farm fields.

Benjamin Z. Houlton, Professor of Global Environmental Studies, Chancellor's Fellow and Director, John Muir Institute of the Environment, University of California, Davis • conversation
July 16, 2020 ~8 min

Tags: climate-change soil carbon-dioxide nutrients minerals carbon-cycle rocks negative-emissions paris-climate-accord negative-emissions-technologies

Daniel Rothman awarded math prize for work on Earth's carbon cycle | MIT News

Professor of geophysics and co-director of the Lorenz Center at MIT honored with the 2016 American Mathematical Society Levi L. Conant Prize.

Helen Hill | EAPS • mit
Nov. 30, 2015 ~4 min

Tags:  mathematics  environment  awards-honors-and-fellowships  school-of-science  faculty  eaps  lorenz-center  carbon-cycle

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