WWF vows to 'do more' after human rights abuse reports

The conservation charity is accused of working with guards who allegedly tortured and killed people.

Nov. 25, 2020 ~6 min

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Ebola vaccine approved as second jab trialled

A second Ebola vaccine is to be offered to thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By Tulip Mazumdar • bbcnews
Nov. 13, 2019 ~4 min

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Face to face with DR Congo's deadly vipers

Photographer Hugh Kinsella Cunningham captures close-up portraits of some of the world's most dangerous snakes.

BBC Science News • bbcnews
June 17, 2019 ~5 min

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Delays can limit how well Ebola vaccines work

A delay of just one week can drastically reduce the efficacy of Ebola vaccines in highly populated areas, research in the Democratic Republic of Congo finds.

Gigi Marino-Florida • futurity
May 8, 2019 ~4 min

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'Miracle' six-day-old baby survives Ebola

It took five weeks of round-the-clock treatment to keep Benedicte alive after her mother died.

By James Gallagher • bbcnews
Dec. 14, 2018 ~3 min

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Large hydropower dams 'not sustainable' in the developing world

A new study says that big hydro electricity projects in Europe and the US have been disastrous for the environment.

By Matt McGrath • bbcnews
Nov. 5, 2018 ~5 min

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