How businesses could cut plastic waste with a track and trace system

The hard work of eliminating plastic waste must start with businesses.

Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs, Senior Research Associate in Sustainability, Lancaster University • conversation
Feb. 16, 2021 ~7 min

Five ways to reduce your household waste – and stop it being shipped to poorer countries

UK still ships huge amounts of plastic waste to places like Vietnam, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Sankar Sivarajah, Head of School of Management and Professor of Technology Management and Circular Economy, University of Bradford • conversation
Feb. 15, 2021 ~5 min

Climate change: New targets to eliminate Wales' gases

Changes could mean replacing gas boilers in homes and finding new ways to make steel without coal.

Feb. 9, 2021 ~5 min

To make the US auto fleet greener, increasing fuel efficiency matters more than selling electric vehicles

Electric cars get a lot of hype, but EV sales today are actually increasing transportation's carbon footprint. Here's how federal clean-car standards produce this counterintuitive result.

John DeCicco, Research Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan • conversation
Jan. 28, 2021 ~9 min

Biden signs 'existential' executive orders on climate and environment

Oil and gas extraction will be paused and wind energy will expand under Joe Biden's climate plan.

Jan. 27, 2021 ~6 min

How to turn plastic waste in your recycle bin into profit

Consumers can turn plastic waste into valuable products at minimal cost using the open source technologies associated with DRAM – distributed recycling and additive manufacturing.

Joshua M. Pearce, Wite Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering, Michigan Technological University • conversation
Jan. 11, 2021 ~9 min

Harrabin: Now will the Treasury go green?

As Boris Johnson is driving UK emissions down, is his chancellor preparing to drive them back up?

Nov. 24, 2020 ~3 min

Biden's ambitious energy plan faces headwinds, but can move the US forward

Joe Biden has sweeping plans for a clean energy revolution. Congress will be a big speed bump, but it can't block everything.

Scott L. Montgomery, Lecturer, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington • conversation
Nov. 23, 2020 ~9 min

Electric vehicles: Your questions answered

We answer your top questions on electric cars - on charging, on range and on battery life.

Nov. 18, 2020 ~5 min

Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under the PM's green plan

The PM confirms he is bringing the ban forward as he sets out his "green industrial revolution".

Nov. 17, 2020 ~7 min