Fewer than 366 North Atlantic right whales are left on Earth

The North Atlantic right whale is in serious trouble, researchers report. Fewer than 366 of the endangered whales are left on the entire planet .

Tim Lucas-Duke • futurity
Feb. 26, 2021 ~5 min

Polar bears have captivated artists' imaginations for centuries, but what they've symbolized has changed over time

Do you see a fearsome predator? A fragile icon of impending extinction? What these arctic giants have stood for in art has continually evolved.

Anne Collins Goodyear, Co-Director of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Bowdoin College • conversation
Feb. 26, 2021 ~10 min

Artificial insemination in captive lions is bad news for conservation

Presenting accounts of technological success in captive lion breeding against the backdrop of rapidly diminishing wildlife loss lets humans off the hook too easily.

Jackie Abell, Reader/Associate Professor in Psychology, Coventry University • conversation
Feb. 26, 2021 ~6 min

Tigers may need a ‘genetic rescue’

A "genetic rescue" involving the mating of different subspecies may offer the best way to save increasingly fragmented tiger populations.

Ker Than-Stanford • futurity
Feb. 22, 2021 ~7 min

How hybrids could help save endangered species

By only focusing on preserving the genetic purity of a species, conservationists risk the extinction of isolated populations.

Richard Brown, Professor of Animal Evolution, Liverpool John Moores University • conversation
Feb. 19, 2021 ~8 min

Edinburgh aims to become sanctuary for swifts as numbers decline

A project in Edinburgh is aiming to boost numbers after a drastic decline in the bird's population.

Feb. 13, 2021 ~2 min

'Hedge trimmer' fish facing global extinction

These extraordinary fish, which are a type of ray, are vanishing in many countries due to overfishing.

Feb. 12, 2021 ~3 min

Whale threats from fishing gear 'underestimated'

Blue whales may be at a bigger risk than previously thought of getting entangled in fishing nets.

Feb. 9, 2021 ~3 min

'Smallest reptile on earth' discovered in Madagascar

The male Brookesia nana, or nano-chameleon, was discovered on Madagascar and is the size of a seed.

Feb. 5, 2021 ~2 min

Forest fires really do benefit spotted owls

Contrary to current perceptions and forest management strategies, wildfires may actually benefit populations of spotted owls.

Gail McCormick-Penn State • futurity
Dec. 28, 2020 ~6 min