Synthetic human embryos let researchers study early development while sidestepping ethical and logistical hurdles

Early human development is a complex, multistep process that’s even more complicated to study in the lab. Models made from stem cells avoid some of the trouble with using real human embryos.

Min Yang, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Washington • conversation
Feb. 7, 2024 ~10 min

MIT-led team receives funding to pursue new treatments for metabolic disease

Awarded $65.67 million from ARPA-H, the researchers will work to develop ingestible capsules that deliver mRNA and electric stimuli to treat metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

Anne Trafton | MIT News • mit
Feb. 5, 2024 ~6 min

How symmetry can come to the aid of machine learning

Exploiting the symmetry within datasets, MIT researchers show, can decrease the amount of data needed for training neural networks.

Steve Nadis | MIT CSAIL • mit
Feb. 5, 2024 ~9 min

How can I get ice off my car? An engineer who studies airborne particles shares some quick and easy techniques

When you’re running late in the winter, you don’t want to have to spend time scraping frost off your windshield. Try some expert-recommended techniques instead.

Suresh Dhaniyala, Bayard D. Clarkson Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Clarkson University • conversation
Feb. 2, 2024 ~5 min

Imaging method reveals new cells and structures in human brain tissue

A new microscopy technique that enables high-resolution imaging could one day help doctors diagnose and treat brain tumors.

Anne Trafton | MIT News • mit
Jan. 31, 2024 ~9 min

Nancy Hopkins awarded the National Academy of Sciences Public Welfare Medal

The MIT professor emerita and influential molecular biologist is being honored for her advocacy for women in science.

Bendta Schroeder | Koch Institute • mit
Jan. 30, 2024 ~10 min

MIT, Applied Materials, and the Northeast Microelectronics Coalition Hub to bring 200mm advanced research capabilities to MIT.nano

State-of-the-art toolset will bridge academic innovations and industry pathways to scale for semiconductors, microelectronics, and other critical technologies.

MIT.nano • mit
Jan. 30, 2024 ~7 min

DNA particles that mimic viruses hold promise as vaccines

Using a DNA-based scaffold carrying viral proteins, researchers created a vaccine that provokes a strong antibody response against SARS-CoV-2.

Anne Trafton | MIT News • mit
Jan. 30, 2024 ~8 min

Benchtop test quickly identifies extremely impact-resistant materials

High-speed experiments can help identify lightweight, protective “metamaterials” for spacecraft, vehicles, helmets, or other objects.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News • mit
Jan. 29, 2024 ~7 min

Study: Smart devices’ ambient light sensors pose imaging privacy risk

The ambient light sensors responsible for smart devices’ brightness adjustments can capture images of touch interactions like swiping and tapping for hackers.

Alex Shipps | MIT CSAIL • mit
Jan. 29, 2024 ~8 min