New PFAS guidelines – a water quality scientist explains technology and investment needed to get forever chemicals out of US drinking water

The drinking water systems serving over 70 million people may not meet newly proposed water quality standards. It could cost hundreds of billions of dollars to fix that.

Joe Charbonnet, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, Iowa State University • conversation
March 16, 2023 ~7 min

Death risk rises for older adults with dementia after hurricanes

Older adults with Alzheimer's or other dementia have a heightened risk of death following exposure to a hurricane, research shows.

Laura Bailey-Michigan • futurity
March 16, 2023 ~5 min

Sugary, fatty Western diets linked to liver disease

Researchers call fatty liver disease a "global health epidemic." A new study finds it's linked to diets that are high in fat and sugar.

Eric Slusher-U. Missouri • futurity
March 16, 2023 ~4 min

Why it's hard for the US to cut or even control Medicare spending

The program’s expenses are rising rapidly as baby boomers retire and health care costs grow.

Andrew Rettenmaier, Executive Associate Director of the Private Enterprise Research Center, Texas A&M University • conversation
March 16, 2023 ~7 min

As bird flu continues to spread in the US and worldwide, what's the risk that it could start a human pandemic? 4 questions answered

Avian influenza viruses have evolved to infect birds, but the current H5N1 outbreak is also infecting a wide range of mammals. This suggests that it could mutate into forms that threaten humans.

Sharon Wu, PhD Student in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado Boulder • conversation
March 16, 2023 ~9 min

How COVID-19 disrupted cancer care

Interviews with over 90 patients and caregivers in the US and Australia highlight how COVID-19 disrupted cancer care in 2020 and 2021.

Alexis Porter - Duke • futurity
March 16, 2023 ~5 min

Low-cost device can measure air pollution anywhere

Open-source tool from MIT’s Senseable City Lab lets people check air quality, cheaply.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
March 16, 2023 ~6 min

Is walking faster better for health?

Not really, says Spaulding Rehab expert. When you go for a walk, focus on this instead.

Harvard Gazette • harvard
March 15, 2023 ~3 min

A new control switch could make RNA therapies easier to program

Using this approach, researchers hope to deliver therapeutic RNA molecules selectively to cancer cells or other target cells.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office • mit
March 15, 2023 ~7 min

Dry cleaning chemical may be invisible Parkinson’s cause

Researchers call for a ban on a chemical commonly used to decaffeinate coffee, degrease metal, and dry clean clothes.

Mark Michaud-Rochester • futurity
March 15, 2023 ~9 min