The case for economics — by the numbers

A multidecade study shows economics increasingly overlaps with other disciplines, and has become more empirical in nature.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office
March 3, 2020 | mit

~10 mins   

Tags: economics sloan-school-of-management school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences research history-of-science social-sciences

People prefer robots to explain themselves – and a brief summary doesn't cut it

Having robots and other AI systems tell people what the AIs are doing makes them more trustworthy. A study finds that how a robot explains itself matters.

Yixin Zhu, Postdoctoral Scholar in Computer Science, University of California, Los Angeles
Feb. 26, 2020 | conversation

~8 mins   

Tags: artificial-intelligence robotics trust robots human-robot-interaction

Neanderthal 'skeleton' is first found in a decade

Researchers describe the first "articulated" remains of a Neanderthal to be discovered in a decade.

By Paul Rincon
Feb. 18, 2020 | bbcnews

~6 mins   

Tags: iraq islamic-state-group archaeology human-evolution university-of-cambridge

'Ghost' human ancestor discovered in West Africa

Mysterious archaic hominins may have interbred with early humans in West Africa, scientists say.

BBC Science News
Feb. 14, 2020 | bbcnews

~2 mins   

Tags: human-evolution

Young sexual minority men need more info on HPV risks

Young sexual minority men need education about the risks, symptoms, and prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV), new research shows.

Michelle Edelstein-Rutgers
Feb. 12, 2020 | futurity

~4 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine human-papillomavirus-hpv lgbtq sex sexually-transmitted-diseases vaccines

Study: To slow an epidemic, focus on handwashing

Improving the rate of handwashing at just 10 major airports could significantly slow the spread of a viral disease, researchers estimate.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office
Feb. 6, 2020 | mit

~8 mins   

Tags: research public-health civil-and-environmental-engineering disease health transportation influenza misti school-of-engineering school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences

The complex effects of colonial rule in Indonesia

Evidence links Dutch-era sugar production and greater economic activity today.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office
Feb. 5, 2020 | mit

~8 mins   

Tags: economics asia europe history research global school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences

Surveying the quality of life at MIT

A new survey of MIT students, faculty, and staff will inform initiatives to improve the work-life experience on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory.

Robyn Fizz | EVP Connect
Jan. 28, 2020 | mit

~6 mins   

Tags: community students faculty staff human-resources research provost administration urban-studies-and-planning lincoln-laboratory

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