New study shows that diet has major impact on gut biomes

New study shows that environmental factors such as diet make major impacts in the gut microbiome.

Clea Simon • harvard
March 23, 2021 ~6 min

Your brain thinks – but how?

Where we would be without our brains? But think about it. How do they work?

Tyler Daniel Anderson-Sieg, Doctoral Student in Biomedical Sciences, University of South Carolina • conversation
March 22, 2021 ~6 min

Scientists Use Human Cells to Copy Early Embryo Development

VOA Learning English • voa
March 21, 2021 ~4 min

Bill Nelson: Former astronaut and senator nominated as Nasa chief

Bill Nelson, 78, is a former astronaut and senator with a long history of working on space issues.

March 20, 2021 ~5 min

A new goal for soccer: Improving attitudes toward refugees

While a national soccer win can stoke anti-refugee sentiment, messaging promoting diversity can reverse this effect.

Will Sullivan | MIT Governance Lab • mit
March 15, 2021 ~7 min

SLS: Nasa assembles twin boosters for its 'megarocket'

The space agency has completed the assembly of two boosters for its "megarocket", the SLS.

March 9, 2021 ~4 min

Diving in the icy depths: the scientists studying what climate change is doing to the Arctic Ocean – The Conversation Weekly podcast

Plus, new discoveries about early humans in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge. Listen to episode 5 of The Conversation Weekly podcast.

Daniel Merino, Assistant Editor: Science, Health, Environment; Co-Host: The Conversation Weekly Podcast • conversation
March 4, 2021 ~5 min

When more Covid-19 data doesn’t equal more understanding

Social media users share charts and graphs — often with the same underlying data — to advocate opposing approaches to the pandemic.

Daniel Ackerman | MIT News Office • mit
March 4, 2021 ~9 min

Human origins: 'Little Foot' fossil's big journey out of Africa

How the priceless skull of an ancient relation was brought to the UK from Africa for study.

March 2, 2021 ~8 min

King Climate Action Initiative announces new research to test and scale climate solutions

Research is part of a $25 million effort to generate evidence on the real-world effectiveness of policies and programs at the intersection of poverty and climate change.

Sarah DiCioccio | Andrea Cristina Ruiz | Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) • mit
Feb. 25, 2021 ~10 min