The UK’s nature restoration plans have some big holes – here’s how to fill them

Top conservation scientists demand a legally-binding requirement to reverse biodiversity loss at home and overseas.

Nathalie Pettorelli, Professor, Conservation Biology, Zoological Society of London • conversation
June 5, 2024 ~6 min

With a record-breaking 2024 Atlantic hurricane forecast, here’s how scientists are helping Caribbean communities adapt to a warming world

Hardening electric transmission systems and monitoring ocean temperatures are two key priorities.

Jorge González-Cruz, Professor of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences, University at Albany, State University of New York • conversation
June 5, 2024 ~8 min

Four photos that show the potential of rewilding nature

Rewilding is about finding ways to let nature thrive and regenerate. Around the world, cities and community projects are doing just that.

David Gelsthorpe, Curator of Earth Sciences, University of Manchester • conversation
June 4, 2024 ~7 min

Returning a 170-year-old preserved lizard to Jamaica is a step toward redressing colonial harms

Not all reparations involve money. Returning unique scientific resources is also a way of showing respect and righting past harms.

Thera Edwards, Lecturer in Geography and Map Curator, The University of the West Indies • conversation
June 3, 2024 ~11 min

We dropped over 8,000 pieces of litter into a fake river to fight plastic pollution

Understanding how plastic pollution moves in rivers is key to effective cleanup strategies.

Daniel Valero, Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics, Imperial College London • conversation
May 23, 2024 ~5 min

The joy of birdwatching: research shows it can improve mental health and foster a sense of wellbeing

Twitching can help promote feelings of positivity, improve mood and foster an affinity with nature

Jolanta Burke, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Positive Health Sciences, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences • conversation
May 17, 2024 ~6 min

Using ideas from game theory to improve the reliability of language models

A new “consensus game,” developed by MIT CSAIL researchers, elevates AI’s text comprehension and generation skills.

Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL • mit
May 14, 2024 ~8 min

A new campaign wants to redefine the word ‘nature’ to include humans – here’s why this linguistic argument matters

The meaning of nature has shifted since the word was first used in the 15th century. But is changing the dictionary definition a good idea?

Tom Oliver, Professor of Applied Ecology, University of Reading • conversation
May 10, 2024 ~8 min

Study: Heavy snowfall and rain may contribute to some earthquakes

The results suggest that climate may influence seismic activity.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News • mit
May 8, 2024 ~8 min

Birdwatching may boost student well-being and lower stress

Birdwatching can lower stress and improve well-being for college students, even more than other nature-based activities like walks.

NC State • futurity
May 6, 2024 ~5 min