Nuclear fusion: building a star on Earth is hard, which is why we need better materials

Building a mini star on Earth, and holding it together inside a reactor, is not an easy task.

Aneeqa Khan, Research Fellow in Fusion, Manchester University • conversation
March 1, 2021 ~7 min

UK climate plan: What do the terms mean?

Ahead of a UK plan to reach "net zero", we guide you through some of the key terms in climate change.

Nov. 18, 2020 ~6 min

UK fusion experiment used in hunt for clean energy

A pioneering nuclear fusion experiment based in Oxfordshire has been switched on for the first time.

Oct. 29, 2020 ~4 min

Laser beams in plasma clarify path toward fusion

Knowing how laser beams interact in a plasma—a hot soup of free moving electrons and ions—will boost the accuracy of computer models used in simulations of laser-driven implosions.

Lindsey Valich-Rochester • futurity
Dec. 10, 2019 ~5 min

Abraham Bers, professor emeritus of electrical engineering, dies at 85 | MIT News

Bers, a longtime member of the MIT community, was expert in plasma physics.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science • mit
Sept. 16, 2015 ~4 min

Energy synergy: MIT ignites CERAWeek | MIT News

MIT representatives shared emerging energy technologies at an influential conference rife with world leaders.

Nancy DuVergne Smith | MIT Alumni Association • mit
July 10, 2015 ~3 min