Function identified of ‘mystery protein’ that kills healthy brain cells of people with Parkinson’s

Scientists have made a ‘vital step’ towards understanding the origins of Parkinson’s disease – the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Feb. 11, 2021 ~5 min

Single neurons linked to social reasoning identified for first time

For the first time, neuroscientists were able to observe how individual neurons paint a rich and detailed representation of others’ beliefs, including whether they were true or not.

Anita Slomski • harvard
Jan. 27, 2021 ~5 min

Driving force behind cellular ‘protein factories’ could have implications for neurodegenerative disease

Researchers have identified the driving force behind a cellular process linked to neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Dec. 16, 2020 ~7 min

Team makes trash into Parkinson’s drug and amino acid

Scientists have found a way to create the Parkinson's drug L-DOPA and the amino acid proline out of garbage materials.

National University of Singapore • futurity
Nov. 27, 2020 ~6 min

New wireless chip shines a light on brain function

A new wireless chip tested in rats could pave the way for advances in our understanding of how the brain works, researchers say.

Matt Shipman-NC State • futurity
Nov. 19, 2020 ~4 min

Simple skin test identifies Parkinson’s disease

Using a method originally developed to detect mad cow disease, researchers discovered that a simple skin test can accurately identify Parkinson's disease.

Fred Love-Iowa State • futurity
Oct. 23, 2020 ~5 min

Emily Balskus wins Waterman Award with $1M in research funding

Emily Balskus has won the Alan T. Waterman Award, the National Science Foundation's most prestigious prize for scientists under 40 in the United States.

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy • harvard
Aug. 5, 2020 ~6 min

Can deep brain stimulation treat Parkinson’s disease?

Researchers have used deep brain stimulation with light on rats to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Ken Kingery-Duke • futurity
April 28, 2020 ~8 min

Therapy fights depression for people with Parkinson’s disease

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help treat depression and anxiety in people with Parkinson's disease. That can slow decline, too.

Patti Verbanas-Rutgers • futurity
April 2, 2020 ~3 min

Brain cell protection may also regulate your sleep

Understanding more about how a system that protects brain cells affects sleep could reveal a connection between sleep disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Lauren Ingeno-Penn • futurity
March 13, 2020 ~5 min