Abortions can happen safely — and entirely — at home

OPINION: The pandemic has taught us how we can deliver better care to patients who seek to terminate pregnancies. Now if only science could triumph over politics.

Leah Coplon and Claire Brindis • knowable
Feb. 24, 2021 ~8 min

Are women more likely to keep campaign promises?

Governments with strong female representation are more likely to deliver on campaign promises, according to new research.

Amy McCaig-Rice University • futurity
Feb. 23, 2021 ~3 min

Fight or flight? Why individuals react as they do

Political science graduate student Aidan Milliff finds differences in how people in similar situations respond to threats of violence.

Leda Zimmerman | Department of Political Science • mit
Feb. 23, 2021 ~8 min

India farmers' protests: internet shutdown highlights Modi's record of stifling digital dissent

As the protests escalate, Modi's grip on India's internet communications remains as tight as ever.

Subir Sinha, Senior Lecturer in Institutions and Development, SOAS, University of London • conversation
Feb. 1, 2021 ~7 min

Who participates in extreme politics and why do they?

The Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol over Donald Trump’s election loss stunned the country and forced many to ask what prompts people to political violence.

Christina Pazzanese • harvard
Jan. 29, 2021 ~10 min

John Kerry: UK climate summit is world's 'last best chance'

The new US climate envoy says time is running out for the world to address the climate crisis.

Jan. 28, 2021 ~6 min

Expert: Risk of right-wing extremist violence ‘remains high’

An expert breaks down the move towards radicalization and poltical violence. He says that it's an "exceptionally dangerous time" in the US.

Noelle Toumey Reetz-Georgia State • futurity
Jan. 25, 2021 ~8 min

1965 Klan crackdown has lessons for fighting white supremacy

Punishing criminal participants in the January 6 insurrection could have unintended consequences, as did investigations into the KKK in 1965.

Sara Savat-WUSTL • futurity
Jan. 22, 2021 ~6 min

In Brazil, a look at why health care declines around elections

Guillermo Toral PhD '20 finds health care quality drops in months leading up to mayoral elections, and if the incumbent loses, the quality continues to fall.

MIT Governance Lab • mit
Jan. 20, 2021 ~8 min

Connections to Trump paid off for companies

Companies with connections to President Trump experienced some better business and less regulation, new research finds.

Caroline Brooks-Michigan State • futurity
Jan. 14, 2021 ~4 min