Mushrooms on Mars? Five unproven claims that alien life exists

No conclusive evidence that extraterrestrial life exists has been found...yet.

Gareth Dorrian, Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Space Science, University of Birmingham • conversation
May 21, 2021 ~8 min

SETI: new signal excites alien hunters – here's how we could find out if it's real

One way forward would be to abandon the traditional approach of using single-dish telescopes for SETI.

Michael Garrett, Sir Bernard Lovell chair of Astrophysics and Director of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester • conversation
Jan. 4, 2021 ~7 min

A 4G network on the Moon is bad news for radio astronomy

Radio telescopes are incredibly sensitive to phone network interference.

Emma Alexander, PhD Candidate in Astrophysics, University of Manchester • conversation
Oct. 23, 2020 ~6 min