Birmingham car ban: How would the scheme work?

A scheme to stop cars travelling across the city has been proposed, but how would it actually work?

BBC Science News | Jan. 15, 2020 | bbcnews
~4 mins   

Tags: uk-air-pollution birmingham birmingham-city-council

Staffordshire hoard: Replicas of 'king's helmet' on show

Two replicas, based on gold and silver fragments found in the Staffordshire hoard, go on show.

BBC Science News | Nov. 23, 2018 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: stoke-on-trent birmingham

Planet-hunter launches from Florida - BBC News

It's lift-off for a new era in planet-hunting.

By Jonathan Amos | April 19, 2018
~5 mins |

Tags:  nasa  planets  university-of-birmingham  tess-telescope

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