Gene editing to produce 'super dad' livestock

Modified animals could improve sustainable meat production, but safety and ethical issues remain.

By Helen Briggs • bbcnews
Sept. 14, 2020 ~4 min

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GM chickens lay eggs to help fight cancer

Researchers have genetically modified chickens to lay eggs which contain drugs that fight cancer.

By Pallab Ghosh • bbcnews
Jan. 28, 2019 ~4 min

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Wheat gene map to help 'feed the world' - BBC News

The starting pistol has been fired in a race to develop "climate change resistant" wheat with the publication of a map of the crop's genes.

By Pallab Ghosh • bbcnews
Aug. 16, 2018 ~5 min

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Gene editing is GM, says European Court - BBC News

The European Court of Justice has ruled that altering living things using the relatively new technique of genome editing counts as genetic engineering.

By Paul Rincon • bbcnews
July 25, 2018 ~6 min

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Gene-edited farm animals are on their way - BBC News

Scientists have created pigs that are immune to one of the world's costliest livestock diseases.

By Pallab Ghosh • bbcnews
June 20, 2018 ~6 min

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