Apollo 13: Enhanced images reveal life on stricken spacecraft

Enhanced images reveal life aboard Nasa's stricken Apollo 13 spacecraft in unprecedented detail.

By Paul Rincon • bbcnews
April 12, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: space nasa photography astronauts space-exploration the-moon

Pink Moon: Europe illuminated by lunar light show

Breathtaking images capture the spectacular lunar event in the skies above Europe.

BBC Science News • bbcnews
April 8, 2020 ~1 min

Tags: space the-moon

Green light for UK commercial telecoms Moon mission

The Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft will sell communications services to other missions at the Moon.

By Jonathan Amos • bbcnews
Feb. 5, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: telecommunication space-exploration european-space-agency british-space-programme the-moon

Wolf moon: Full moon and lunar eclipse delight skywatchers

The first full moon of 2020 coincides with a penumbral lunar eclipse, caused by the Earth's shadow.

BBC Science News • bbcnews
Jan. 10, 2020 ~1 min

Tags: astronomy earth the-moon eclipses

New engine tech that could get us to Mars faster

Nasa wants to send humans to Mars one day, but do we have the engines to get us there?

By Mary-Ann Russon • bbcnews
Dec. 25, 2019 ~11 min

Tags: nasa mars boeing the-moon

Europe keen to demonstrate Moon ambitions

Research ministers meet in Seville next week to approve European Space Agency projects and funding.

By Jonathan Amos • bbcnews
Nov. 22, 2019 ~7 min

Tags: nasa mars space-exploration international-space-station european-space-agency the-moon

The Russian who could have been first to Moon

Alexei Leonov, who died on Friday, could have been the first human to land on the Moon.

By Paul Rincon • bbcnews
Oct. 14, 2019 ~11 min

Tags: russia space-exploration the-moon soviet-union

SLS: Nasa's giant 'Moon rocket' takes shape

Nasa finishes assembling the main structural components for its largest rocket since the Apollo-era Saturn V.

By Paul Rincon • bbcnews
Sept. 20, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: engineering nasa space-exploration the-moon

Chandrayaan 2: What may have gone wrong with India's Moon mission?

The BBC asks former members of India's space agency what went wrong with its most complex mission.

BBC Science News • bbcnews
Sept. 9, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: space india space-exploration asia the-moon

Chandrayaan-2: India's historic moonshot appears to end in failure

India's space agency lost contact with Chandrayaan-2 shortly before the craft was expected to land.

BBC Science News • bbcnews
Sept. 6, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: india space-exploration asia the-moon

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