Man arrested in Peru airport with 20 birds in suitcase

The Belgian traveller was trying to smuggle the protected species from Peru to Spain, officers say.

BBC Science News | Jan. 16, 2020 | bbcnews
~1 mins   

Tags: peru wildlife wildlife-conservation birds

Sri Lanka elephants: 'Record number' of deaths in 2019

Officials warn that human activity is resulting in rising numbers of elephant deaths.

BBC Science News | Jan. 11, 2020 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: wildlife elephants sri-lanka

Tortoise with species-saving sex drive returns to Galápagos

The 100-year-old tortoise of legendary libido is credited with saving his species from extinction.

BBC Science News | Jan. 11, 2020 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: ecuador wildlife-conservation conservation tortoises

Humans 'sole culprits' in US parrot extinction

A study of North America's only native parrot confirms its disappearance was down to humans alone.

By Paul Rincon | Dec. 13, 2019 | bbcnews
~5 mins   

Tags: evolution wildlife animals genetics dna united-states hunting genome catalonia spain extinction birds

The place where dead eagles are given a new life

Colorado's National Eagle Repository is the only one of its kind in the world.

By Dhruti Shah | Dec. 12, 2019 | bbcnews
~9 mins   

Tags: wildlife nature eagles birds-of-prey wildlife-conservation birds colorado native-americans

Four tiger foetuses found in Indonesian 'poacher' arrests

Sumatran tigers are critically endangered - with fewer than 400 believed to be left in the wild.

BBC Science News | Dec. 9, 2019 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: wildlife poaching indonesia tigers world-wildlife-fund-for-nature-wwf

US national parks face 'crisis' over invasive animal species

More than half of US national parks are threatened by invasive animals, like pythons and feral pigs.

By Kelsey Vlamis | Dec. 3, 2019 | bbcnews
~6 mins   

Tags: environment united-states wildlife-conservation conservation

Polar bear spray-painted with 'T-34' baffles Russia wildlife experts

Footage of a bear inscribed with "T-34" - the name of an iconic Soviet tank - is shared in Russia.

BBC Science News | Dec. 3, 2019 | bbcnews
~3 mins   

Tags: wildlife polar-bears russia

Brown bear attacks: Deaths spark fear in Romania

Three men die in little over a month in Romania, home to Europe's biggest brown bear population.

By Stephen McGrath | Nov. 21, 2019 | bbcnews
~6 mins   

Tags: wildlife romania bears

New hope for one of world's most endangered reptiles

The discovery of baby crocodiles in a river in Nepal is raising hopes for the future of the gharial.

By Helen Briggs | Nov. 19, 2019 | bbcnews
~3 mins   

Tags: wildlife-conservation conservation crocodiles

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