Globalised economy making water, energy and land insecurity worse: study

The first large-scale study of the risks that countries face from dependence on water, energy and land resources has found that globalisation may be

Cambridge University News • cambridge
yesterday ~5 min

Tags: climate-change covid-19 manufacturing economics macroeconomic global-food-security food-security globalisation

One in six children has a probable mental disorder, according to new report

The proportion of children experiencing a probable mental disorder has increased over the past three years, from one in nine in 2017 to one in six in July this

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 23, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: spotlight-on-neuroscience children mental-health covid-19 coronavirus

‘Mini-lungs’ reveal early stages of SARS-CoV-2 infection

‘Mini-lungs’ grown from tissue donated to Cambridge hospitals has provided a team of scientists from South Korea and the UK with important insights into how

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 23, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: stem-cells infectious-diseases covid-19 coronavirus lung

Tackling COVID-19: Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Her plans to study the effects of social isolation on adolescents have become particularly pertinent this year. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is a cognitive

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 22, 2020 ~5 min

Tags:  education  mental-health  covid-19  coronavirus  tackling-covid-19

Lockdown or not, personality predicts your likelihood of staying home during the pandemic

Despite more of the population staying at home as government policies on COVID-19 become stricter, a study has found that a person’s personality influences how

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 15, 2020 ~5 min

Tags: infectious-diseases covid-19 coronavirus

Popular COVID-19 conspiracies linked to vaccine ‘hesitancy’

An international study finds that people who rate coronavirus conspiracy theories as more reliable are much less likely to say they will get vaccinated.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 14, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: public-health covid-19 conspiracy fake-news

New partnership to provide expertise on global education reform

A new Cambridge Partnership for Education will help governments and organisations across the world reimagine public education systems for the future.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 6, 2020 ~5 min

Tags: education covid-19

Many ventilation systems may increase risk of COVID-19 exposure, study suggests

Ventilation systems in many modern office buildings, which are designed to keep temperatures comfortable and increase energy efficiency, may increase the risk

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Sept. 29, 2020 ~8 min

Tags: covid-19 coronavirus ventilation

How machine learning can help to future-proof clinical trials in the era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest global healthcare crisis of our generation, presenting enormous challenges to medical research, including clinical

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Sept. 23, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: machine-learning medicine artificial-intelligence covid-19 coronavirus ai clinical-trial

Extent of India’s COVID nudge campaign revealed

The Government of India’s use of nudge theory in the first three months of the pandemic helped to tackle the virus on numerous fronts, a new study suggests.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Sept. 17, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: covid-19 india nationalism nudging

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