Researcher profile: Professor Julia Gog

Professor Julia Gog is a mathematician who specialises in modelling the spread of infectious diseases, particularly pandemic influenza. For months, she and the other members of her research group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics have been modelling and mapping the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
April 8, 2020 ~6 min

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Women in STEM: Dr Natasha Morrison

Dr Natasha Morrison is a Research Fellow in mathematics at Sidney Sussex College and a member of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. She completed her PhD at Oxford and her undergraduate studies at Durham. Her research focuses on a branch of mathematics which models the behaviours of networks, from how diseases spread to how viral stories circulate on social media.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Feb. 13, 2020 ~3 min

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Risk of Ebola outbreaks could be reduced by understanding how ecosystems influence human health

The next Ebola outbreak could be predicted using a new model that tracks how changes to ecosystems and human societies combine to affect the spread of the deadly infectious disease. 

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 15, 2019 ~4 min

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Vice-Chancellor’s awards showcase University’s societal impact and public engagement

Twelve students, academics and professional members of staff from across the University of Cambridge have received Vice-Chancellor’s Research Impact and Engagement Awards in areas as diverse as prostate cancer, family law, museum public engagement and police mental health.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Oct. 14, 2019 ~6 min

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