When plants and their microbes are not in sync, the results can be disastrous

Just as humans can suffer from an imbalance of microbes in their gut, plants can suffer a similar syndrome in their leaves. This finding opens up new possibilities for improving food security.

Sheng-Yang He, University Distinguished Professor, HHMI Investigator, Michigan State University • conversation
Aug. 28, 2020 ~8 min

 agriculture  plants  microbiome  ecosystem  crops  microbiota  arabidopsis

Wildlife conservation needs to change – and the game of Jenga can help us see why

The game is a fantastic metaphor for understanding how extinctions cause ecosystems to become more fragile.

Darren Evans, Reader in Ecology and Conservation, Newcastle University • conversation
March 18, 2020 ~8 min

 conservation  insects  wildlife  ecosystem  complexity  networks  games  interdisciplinarity

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