Coronavirus: why lockdown may cost young lives over time

We must put in measures to protect the young as well as the old.

Adam Cox, Principal Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
March 26, 2020 | conversation

~7 mins   

Tags: economy poverty baby-boomers millennials death-rates generation-z

Coronavirus threat reveals the flaws in India's health system

The COVID-19 pandemic must be managed in India in a tense economic context and with a largely privatised health system.

Yves-Marie Rault Chodankar, Chercheur associé au Centre d'études en sciences sociales sur les mondes africains, américains et asiatiques, Université de Paris
March 20, 2020 | conversation

~7 mins   

Tags: public-health infectious-diseases poverty pandemic india coronavirus narendra-modi southeast-asia populism the-conversation-france epidemics covid-19

The digital divide leaves millions at a disadvantage during the coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing people to study and work online. It's also sparked a need for news and information. That's a challenge for the 24 million Americans who lack broadband internet access.

Gregory Porumbescu, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University Newark
March 18, 2020 | conversation

~3 mins   

Tags: internet poverty inequality pandemic broadband online-education digital-divide coronavirus socioeconomics fcc telecommuting covid-19 social-distancing-and-coronavirus social-distancing

America's poorest children won't get nutritious meals with school cafeterias closed due to the coronavirus

The millions of US children whose parents can't always afford enough nutritious food for their families get about a quarter of their calories from what they eat at school.

Thurston Domina, Professor, Educational Policy and Organizational Leadership, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
March 13, 2020 | conversation

~5 mins   

Tags: safety-net school-meals free-school-meals child-poverty child-nutrition national-school-lunch-program k-12-education quick-reads coronavirus-2020 covid-19

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