Virtual reality trip as sea turtle ups empathy

A virtual reality simulation called Project Shell lets people take on the body of a loggerhead sea turtle. The experience can increase their concern for animals.

U. Oregon • futurity
June 23, 2022 ~5 min

Women in science get less credit on papers and patents

Women in science are 13% less likely to be named as authors in related scientific articles than male counterparts, and 59% less likely to have their name on patents.

Robert Polner-NYU • futurity
June 23, 2022 ~7 min

What’s the best way to tackle teacher burnout?

Teachers are facing a range of challenges old and new, and many are experiencing burnout as a result. Here, two experts explain how to improve things.

Boston University • futurity
June 23, 2022 ~7 min

Racial disparities showed up in opioid addiction treatment during COVID

The COVID-10 pandemic limited access to opioid addiction treatment for some racial and ethnic minority groups, but not for white people.

Patti Verbanas-Rutgers • futurity
June 23, 2022 ~5 min

New sunscreen component would last longer

Research on cancer drugs shifted course to produce a longer-lasting version of avobenzone, a common ingredient in sunscreen.

Rachel Harrison-NYU • futurity
June 23, 2022 ~6 min

To cut emissions, give microbes more copper?

When wetland microbes don't get the copper they need, the result may have consequences for the environment.

Brandie Jefferson-WUSTL • futurity
June 22, 2022 ~8 min

Couples with similar desirability are most likely to have good relationships

"...much of the anthropological work on human mating patterns are based on only people's preferences. This research focuses on people's actions."

Pate McCuien-U. Missouri • futurity
June 22, 2022 ~4 min

Breast cancer cells spread during sleep

A new study offers a surprising finding about breast cancer: circulating cells that later form metastases mainly arise when a person is sleeping.

Vanessa Bleich-ETH Zurich • futurity
June 22, 2022 ~5 min

Depression symptoms spike for teen boys after grandma’s death

Losing a beloved family member is never easy, but a new study suggests the death of a grandmother might trigger depression in adolescent boys.

Katie Bohn-Penn State • futurity
June 22, 2022 ~7 min

Forest research links carbon uptake and water use

New climate change ecology research links the amount of carbon dioxide taken in by land ecosystems, such as forests, to the availability of water.

National University of Singapore • futurity
June 22, 2022 ~9 min