Some blobby frog heads hide amazing spiny skulls

Beneath their slick skin, some frog skulls sport spines, spikes, and other skeletal secrets called hyperossification.

Natalie van Hoose-Florida
March 26, 2020 | futurity

~7 mins   

Tags: featured science-and-technology amphibians bones evolution frogs skeletons skulls

Vanishing snakes highlight the biodiversity crisis

After frogs in protected area of Panama died off en masse, the snakes that ate them began to disappear, too. It shows the extent of our "biodiversity crisis."

Layne Cameron-Michigan State
Feb. 14, 2020 | futurity

~6 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment amphibians biodiversity conservation extinction predators snakes

Team finds deadly fungus in Amazon frogs for the first time

Scientists thought lowland frogs living in the Peruvian Amazon were safe from the deadly chytrid fungus. A new study shows that's not the case.

Jim Erickson-Michigan
Oct. 18, 2019 | futurity

~6 mins   

Tags: featured science-and-technology amphibians frogs fungus infections

Killer fungus is wiping out world’s amphibians

An invasive fungus has led to the decline of 501 species of amphibians. Scientists say we're running out of time to come up with a solution.

U. Melbourne
April 2, 2019 | futurity

~8 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology amphibians frogs fungi invasive-species skin

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