Most adults over 50 say they’ll get a COVID vaccine

Most—but not all—older adults will get a COVID-19 vaccine once it's available. Many want to wait and see how others fare after getting it first.

Katie George-Rochester • futurity
Nov. 27, 2020 ~8 min

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Flexibility is key for happy families and couples

Being emotionally flexible may be one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining happy, healthy relationships with family and partners.

Sandra Knispel-U. Rochester • futurity
Nov. 25, 2020 ~7 min

parents emotions families relationships featured society-and-culture social-lives

Is it safe to visit family in nursing homes this holiday?

Can you visit nursing homes safely as COVID-19 rages on through the holidays? An expert explains what's safe and how you can protect your loved ones.

Saralyn Cruickshank-Johns Hopkins • futurity
Nov. 25, 2020 ~7 min

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See metal and plastic micromachines zip around

See how incredibly tiny micromachines made from metal and plastic move according to their shape. They're a step toward better drug delivery.

Fabio Bergamin-ETH Zurich • futurity
Nov. 25, 2020 ~5 min

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Dead fish carry mercury into ocean’s deepest trench

"Mercury that we believe had once been in the stratosphere is now in the deepest trench on Earth." Here's why that important.

Jim Erickson-Michigan • futurity
Nov. 24, 2020 ~9 min

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How stores are adapting to 2020 holiday shopping

Here's what to expect from Black Friday through the rest of the 2020 holiday shopping season, according to marketing professor Ayalla Ruvio.

Caroline Brooks-Michigan State • futurity
Nov. 24, 2020 ~8 min

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Meet the Black women behind rock and roll

In a new book, Maureen Mahon aims to correct the record on the role Black women played in shaping rock and roll.

James Devitt-NYU • futurity
Nov. 24, 2020 ~11 min

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1 in 3 parents say Thanksgiving outweighs COVID risks

A new poll reveals how American families are trying to balance getting together with family and the risks of spreading or catching COVID-19.

Beata Mostafavi-Michigan • futurity
Nov. 24, 2020 ~9 min

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Healthy sleepers have far lower heart failure risk

Regularly getting a good night's sleep can lower your risk of heart failure, regardless of any other risk factors you may have, a new study shows.

Keith Brannon-Tulane • futurity
Nov. 23, 2020 ~4 min

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Don’t blame the weather for fall COVID-19 spikes

Blame travel, not weather, for worsening spikes of COVID-19 infections, according to a conceptual model showing the "inflationary effect."

U. Florida • futurity
Nov. 23, 2020 ~9 min

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