Smart molecule can seek-and-destroy glioblastoma

A new molecule, which patients could take orally, both attacks glioblastoma and destroys its defenses, which keeps the brain cancer from repairing itself.

Fabienne Landry-McGill • futurity
Jan. 14, 2020 ~5 min

Tags: stem-cells cancer brains health-and-medicine glioblastomas

Brain tumor organoids hint at how to best treat glioblastoma

Brain tumor organoids grown from someone's own glioblastoma may answer the question of how best to treat it.

Hannah Messinger-Penn • futurity
Dec. 27, 2019 ~6 min

Tags: cancer tumors brains health-and-medicine glioblastomas personalized-medicine

‘Good gene’ may offer new way to fight glioblastoma

Though previous research pointed to the AH receptor as a boost to spreading glioblastoma tumors, new research finds the gene can actually help stop them.

Texas A&M University • futurity
Aug. 26, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: cancer genes brains health-and-medicine glioblastomas

Men and women need different glioblastoma treatments

New research identifies sex differences in deadly glioblastoma brain tumors. Tailoring treatment to men and women may improve survival.

Kristina Sauerwein-Washington University • futurity
Jan. 4, 2019 ~8 min

Tags: cancer brains health-and-medicine sexes glioblastomas

Blocking messages between cancer cells may stop their spread

Figuring out how to block communication between marauding bands of cancer cells could help fight cancer's spread.

Julie Robert-McGill • futurity
Dec. 10, 2018 ~3 min

Tags: cancer genes brains cells science-and-technology health-and-medicine glioblastomas

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