Starlight alone can tear asteroids into pieces

Like a real life version of the game Asteroids, the majority of stars will become so luminous that their light causes asteroids to break into smaller bits.

Peter Thorley-Warwick | Feb. 10, 2020 | futurity
~6 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology asteroids light space stars white-dwarfs

Industry-backed indoor tanning studies downplay risk

Studies backed by the indoor tanning industry are way more likely to highlight its benefits and minimize the very real risks.

Krista Conger-Stanford | Feb. 10, 2020 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: featured health-and-medicine business cancer research ultraviolet-light

Optical resonators turn transparency on and off

In the quantum realm, under some circumstances and with the right interference patterns, light can pass through opaque media. There's a new advance in this area.

Brandie Jefferson-WUSTL | Jan. 28, 2020 | futurity
~7 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology light optics physics quantum-mechanics

QLED tech aims light one way to up TV energy efficiency

New tech could cut down on the light scattered inside current quantum dot light emitting diode (QLED) screens, making them way more energy efficient.

Fabio Bergamin-ETH Zurich | Jan. 22, 2020 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology electronics led light quantum-dots

Blue light can boost healing for mild brain injuries

Blue light early in the morning can aid the healing process for mild traumatic brain injury, potentially because it gets people on the right sleep schedule.

Mikayla Mace-Arizona | Jan. 16, 2020 | futurity
~6 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine brains circadian-rhythms light sleep traumatic-injury

Fake photosynthesis turns CO2 into ‘green methane’

An artificial photosynthesis panel could use sunlight and water to convert carbon dioxide from smokestacks into usable "green methane."

Nicole Casal Moore-Michigan | Jan. 13, 2020 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment carbon-dioxide methane nanotechnology photosynthesis sunlight

Standards would boost efficiency of LED lighting in greenhouses

LED lighting in greenhouses enhance plant growth but researchers say standards could make them even more effective.

Todd Bates-Rutgers | Jan. 9, 2020 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment crops electricity led light plants

Electron ‘track switch’ sheds light on photosynthesis

Like a train that always goes right at a switch in the tracks, electrons always go one way in photosynthesis. Now researchers have flipped the direction.

Talia Ogliore-WUSTL | Jan. 3, 2020 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology bacteria electrons light photosynthesis plants

To grab nectar, moths rely on split-second timing

To extract nectar from flowers while in flight, moths depend on precise, millisecond timing between their brain and muscles.

John Toon-Georgia Tech | Dec. 30, 2019 | futurity
~6 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology brains flight muscles wings

‘Two-faced’ solar cells generate a lot more power

If solar panels could gather sunlight from two sides instead of one, they could generate up to 20% more power, a new formula shows.

Kayla Wiles-Purdue | Dec. 19, 2019 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment electricity renewable-energy sunlight sustainability

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