‘Surfing attacks’ could let hackers read your texts

Surfing attacks use ultrasonic waves to control your phone from afar. They could let hackers make calls or read texts, all without you knowing.

Brandie Jefferson-WUSTL • futurity
Feb. 28, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: privacy security hackers mobile-devices featured science-and-technology voice-technology ultrasound

Ultrasound ‘flaw’ could give us better bone scans

Researchers are turning the problem with ultrasound into a perk: a potential way to assess osteoporosis risk and treatment.

Matt Shipman-NC State • futurity
Sept. 17, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: bones blood-vessels health-and-medicine imaging-technology ultrasound

Ultrasound ‘lens’ could replace invasive endoscopy

A new ultrasound technique that takes images of the body's organs in a noninvasive way could reduce the need for endoscopy.

Carnegie Mellon-HCII • futurity
Aug. 5, 2019 ~7 min

Tags: health-and-medicine imaging-technology endoscopy ultrasound

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