New research alliance brings quantum internet closer to reality

Harvard faculty leaders explain implications for the field — and the future.

Harvard Gazette • harvard
Sept. 12, 2022 ~16 min

Researchers report dramatic rise in early onset cancers

Altered microbiome, lack of sleep seen as possible culprits in 30-year global increase among under-50 adults.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Communications • harvard
Sept. 8, 2022 ~5 min

So you learned everything you know about sharks from a scary movie?

At a book talk, marine conservationist David Shiffman explained why he adores sharks and how we can help save them from extinction.

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy • harvard
Sept. 8, 2022 ~6 min

How to reduce health risks from a gas stove

If you have a gas stove taking a few steps can help protect your household.

Wynne Armand • harvard
Sept. 7, 2022 ~3 min

Depression, anxiety may escalate chances of long COVID, says study

Depression, anxiety, worry, perceived stress, and loneliness measured before infection with COVID-19 were associated with up to 45 percent increased risk of developing long COVID.

Nicole Rura • harvard
Sept. 7, 2022 ~5 min

Nurse practitioners fill mental health care gaps

As demand for mental health care soars, nurse practitioners help offset drop in psychiatrists accepting insurance, study finds.

Harvard Chan School Communications • harvard
Sept. 7, 2022 ~3 min

Inching Parkinson’s into the light

Vikram Khurana, discussed recent advances and new, individualized approaches to Parkinson’s, as well as implications of the recent findings.

Alvin Powell • harvard
Sept. 2, 2022 ~12 min

Designing a way to make oxygen injectable

Porous liquids hold promise as bridge therapy, game-changer for artificial blood substitutes, preserving organs for transplant.

Yahya Chaudhry • harvard
Sept. 1, 2022 ~7 min

Study reveals fentanyl’s effects on the brain

Researchers have learned that fentanyl produces a specific EEG signature, which could allow clinicians to monitor its effects to enable safer, more personalized administration during and after surgery.

Tracy Hampton • harvard
Aug. 31, 2022 ~3 min

The health benefits of character

A Harvard Chan School study associated high moral character with lower depression risk as well as potential cardio benefits.

Clea Simon • harvard
Aug. 30, 2022 ~5 min