Harvard weighs in on Google’s ‘quantum supremacy’

Google engineers claimed to have created a quantum computer that exhibited “quantum supremacy.” The Gazette spoke with Harvard Quantum Initiative Co-Director Mikhail Lukin about the achievement, about similar work at Harvard.

Alvin Powell | Oct. 29, 2019 | harvard
~15 mins   

Tags: science-technology alvin-powell google harvard-quantum-initiative ibm mikhail-lukin quantum-computer quantum-mechanics quantum-supremacy superposition

Radcliffe symposium examines rapid advances brought by CRISPR

CRISPR gene-editing technology has conquered the lab and is poised to lead to new treatments for human disease. Experts consider the promise and peril at Radcliffe.

Alvin Powell | Oct. 28, 2019 | harvard
~7 mins   

Tags: science-technology alvin-powell crispr gene-editing gene-therapy immaculata-de-vivo jonathan-kimmelman kiran-musunuru radcliffe-institute-for-advanced-study sylvain-moineau vence-bonham

How new plant species get their names

Kanchi Gandhi is one of a small group of global experts who referees the rules of naming new plant species.

Alvin Powell | Oct. 25, 2019 | harvard
~9 mins   

Tags: science-technology alvin-powell botany department-of-organismic-and-evolutionary-biology faculty-of-arts-and-sciences kanchi-gandhi nomenclature

Stigma of opioids keeps users from seeking help, taints views of medical professionals

“Can you think of all the tax dollars it’s cost for you to go to detox?” the doctor asked Raina McMahan when she arrived at the clinic in Revere seeking help for her 15-year heroin addiction. “What is the matter with you?” McMahan, now six years into her recovery and a certified recovery coach at […]

Alvin Powell | Oct. 11, 2019 | harvard
~9 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell buprenorphine drug-treatment fxb-center-for-health-and-human-rights harvard-th-chan-school-of-public-health heroin howard-koh khalil-gibran-muhammad larry-bacow mary-bassett medication-assisted-treatment methadone michelle-williams naloxone opioid-summit opioids raina-mcmahan richard-frank university-of-michigan

Summit to take wide-ranging look at factors of race, stigma, policy, and the lived experience of patients

A conference sponsored by Harvard and the University of Michigan will examine the role that stigma plays in the nation’s opioid crisis and ways it slows and alters responses.

Alvin Powell | Oct. 8, 2019 | harvard
~12 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell harvard-university heroin mary-bassett medication-assisted-treatment opioids overdose university-of-michigan

Urgency of climate change may be understated in intergovernmental panel report

The world’s oceans, glaciers, and ice caps are under assault by climate change. The Gazette spoke with former Obama science adviser John Holdren about the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report examining the threat.

Alvin Powell | Oct. 2, 2019 | harvard
~14 mins   

Tags: science-technology wildfire alvin-powell arctic-initiative belfer-center-for-science-and-international-affairs climate-change global-warming harvard-kennedy-school heat-wave intergovernmental-panel-on-climate-change john-holdren permafrost public-opinion sea-level-rise

Feeling of alienation could account for higher rates of mental illness among minority students

Experts gathered at the Harvard Chan School said despite progress at making college student bodies more diverse, work still needs to be done to make students of all backgrounds feel welcome, a key step in heading off increased rates of mental illness such students experience on campus.

Alvin Powell | Sept. 19, 2019 | harvard
~9 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell college-student david-rivera david-williams harvard-th-chan-school-of-public-health john-silvanus-wilson mental-health minority stephanie-pinder-amaker the-forum-at-harvard-th-chan-school-of-public-health wellness

Panel discussion honoring James McCarthy brings experts and innovative ideas to campus

Experts from Harvard and beyond gathered Monday to discuss the oceans’ plight in a warming world, offering hopeful solutions despite the often bleak assessment prompted by warming, pollution, acidification, and coral bleaching.

Alvin Powell | Sept. 19, 2019 | harvard
~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology alvin-powell aquaculture carbon-sequestration climate-change coral-bleaching daniel-schrag fisheries harvard-university-center-for-the-environment james-mccarthy jane-lubchenco jeremy-jackson ocean pollution

Harvard researchers show how several diets can improve heart health

Researchers applied new techniques to old samples from a 2005 dietary study to show that a focus on eating healthy rather than obsessing over a single nutrient can improve heart health.

Alvin Powell | Sept. 18, 2019 | harvard
~6 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell beth-israel-deaconess-medical-center c-reactive-protein diet harvard-medical-school health heart-disease high-blood-pressure omniheart stephen-juraschek troponin

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