Removing the constraining requirements at gene editing site

Investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital have modified the gene editing system, making it possible to potentially target any location across the entire human genome.

Harvard Gazette
March 26, 2020 | harvard

~3 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research benjamin-p-kleinstiver blindness cancer cas9 center-for-genomic-medicine crispr gene-editing mgh

Tool to help decision-makers during the coronavirus outbreak

Harvard’s Global Health Institute puts its research expertise into motion, helping hospitals assess capacity and quality of care so they can prepare for COVID-19 patients appropriately.

Mary Todd Bergman
March 18, 2020 | harvard

~6 mins   

Tags: health-medicine ashish-jha basic-research coronavirus covid-19 data-science harvard-global-health-institute hospital-referral-regions immunology italy mary-todd-bergman propublica sars-cov-2

In creating a coronavirus vaccine, researchers prepare for future

In response to this public health crisis, researchers in the Precision Vaccines Program at Boston Children’s Hospital are on the front lines of developing a vaccine specially targeted toward older populations

Alice McCarthy
March 13, 2020 | harvard

~8 mins   

Tags: health-medicine adjuvants basic-research coronavirus covid-19 elderly engineering harvard-medical-school immune-system precision-vaccines-program vaccine

Study connects specific genes with defective social behavior

Researchers use zebrafish to explore the connection between specific genetic mutations and group behavior.

Jessica Lau
March 13, 2020 | harvard

~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research imaging neuroscience social-behavior

Personalized blood biopsies may provide signal of cancer recurrence

Researchers have designed personalized blood biopsies that offer the potential of an early warning signal of breast cancer recurrence.

Karen Zusi
March 13, 2020 | harvard

~8 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research blood-biopsies breast-cancer broad-institute-of-mit-and-harvard dana-farber-cancer-institute gerstner-center-for-cancer-diagnostics tumor-mutations

Review finds AA performs well, reduces health care costs

Researchers have found that Alcoholics Anonymous and related 12-step treatments lessen addiction severity as effectively as other treatments, while reducing health care costs.

Harvard Gazette
March 11, 2020 | harvard

~4 mins   

Tags: health-medicine 12-step-programs aa alcohol-use-disorder alcoholics-anonymous alcoholism basic-research cochrane-database-of-systematic-reviews massachusetts-general-hospitals-recovery-research-institute remission

Doctors try to safeguard nursing home patients from COVID-19

Harvard-affiliated doctors try to safeguard nursing-home patients from COVID-19 by reducing number of visitors, adding health screenings.

Alvin Powell
March 10, 2020 | harvard

~9 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell basic-research coronavirus covid-19 elderly harvard-medical-school hebrew-seniorlife helen-chen nursing-home senior

MGH Wellman Center physicians bring treatment to Armenia

Lilit Garibyan has brought her medical skills back to her native Armenia, decades after her family fled during war with neighboring Azerbaijan.

Alvin Powell
March 6, 2020 | harvard

~12 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell armenia armenian-american-wellness-center basic-research harvard-medical-school hemangioma lilit-garibyan massachusetts-general-hospital port-wine-stain richard-rox-anderson wellman-center-for-photomedicine

NIH-funded i3 Center formed to advance cancer immunotherapy

Harvard’s Wyss Institute will collaborate with other institutions to form the i3 Center where cancer immunologists and biological engineers will develop new biomaterials-based approaches to enable anti-cancer immune-therapies for therapy-resistant cancers.

Benjamin Boettner
March 6, 2020 | harvard

~9 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research engineering harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences-dana-farber-cancer-institute harvards-department-of-stem-cell-and-regenerative-biology i3-center immune-therapies immuno-engineering-to-improve-immunotherapy-i3-center therapy-resistant-cancers wyss-institute-of-biologically-inspired-engineering-at-harvard-university

Preventing the spread of coronavirus starts with basic hygiene

Health experts highlight basic hygiene measures to prevent infection spread of the new coronavirus that has affected more than 90,000 around the world.

Liz Mineo
March 5, 2020 | harvard

~6 mins   

Tags: health-medicine basic-hygiene-measures basic-research coronavirus cough covid-19 handwashing harvard-th-chan-school-of-public-health mark-lipsitch paul-biddinger sneeze world-health-organization

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