Moderate egg consumption gets the green light … again

A new study that includes up to 1.7 million participants, found eating up to one egg per day is not associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Amy Roeder • harvard
March 4, 2020 ~4 min

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5 healthy habits may offer years free of chronic diseases

A Harvard study has found that people who practice healthy habits at age 50 lived more years free of chronic diseases compared to those who did not practice any of these habits.

Amy Roeder • harvard
Jan. 9, 2020 ~3 min

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Clearing up the confusion over red meat recommendations

Red meat recommendations and meat from plants: Chan School Nutrition Department head Frank Hu talks about recent developments in diet.

Alvin Powell • harvard
Nov. 8, 2019 ~13 min

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Harvard researcher: New meat alternatives mainstream veganism

Led by vegetarian tech companies looking to mimic and replace meat and other animal products, going vegan is on the verge of going mainstream.

Juan Siliezar • harvard
July 3, 2019 ~7 min

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Harvard study links red meat consumption with early death

Longitudinal study associates increasing consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, over eight years with a higher risk of death in the subsequent eight years.

Amy Roeder • harvard
June 12, 2019 ~4 min

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