AI researchers share data on how we sort options, make decisions

Artificial intelligence researchers and neurobiologists share data on how options are sorted in decision-making.

Clea Simon • harvard
Feb. 19, 2020 ~5 min

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Harvard weighs in on Google’s ‘quantum supremacy’

Google engineers claimed to have created a quantum computer that exhibited “quantum supremacy.” The Gazette spoke with Harvard Quantum Initiative Co-Director Mikhail Lukin about the achievement, about similar work at Harvard.

Alvin Powell • harvard
Oct. 29, 2019 ~15 min

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Researchers propose ‘machine behavior’ field could blend AI, social sciences

Researchers propose a new field of study — “machine behavior” — to look at artificial intelligence through the lens of biology, economics, psychology, and other behavioral and social sciences.

Leah Burrows • harvard
June 7, 2019 ~8 min

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In health care, AI offers promise — and hype

AI is coming to a hospital near you — but it may be in the world’s remote regions that it could impact patients most. However, experts gathered at Harvard said its potential will not be realized unless it is deployed as part of broader health care solutions, not simply as a tool in search of problems.

Alvin Powell • harvard
Feb. 28, 2019 ~11 min

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