Removing the constraining requirements at gene editing site

Investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital have modified the gene editing system, making it possible to potentially target any location across the entire human genome.

Harvard Gazette
March 26, 2020 | harvard

~3 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research benjamin-p-kleinstiver blindness cancer cas9 center-for-genomic-medicine crispr gene-editing mgh

The why’s behind COVID-19 survival and immunity investigated

Using the tool VirScan, researchers are able to detect antibodies in people’s blood that indicate active and past infections by viruses and bacteria. The goal is to learn how the virus affects the immune system.

Stephanie Dutchen
March 25, 2020 | harvard

~11 mins   

Tags: science-technology antibody-detection-tool blavatnik-institute-at-harvard-medical brigham-and-womens-hospital coronavirus covid-19 stephen-elledge virscan

Remote work will stress-test the internet — and parts will fail

The massive shift from the office to remote work will test the internet in ways it hasn’t been tested before, a Harvard expert on the technology industry said, offering a real-time experiment that will likely see failures, but from which unexpected solutions will also emerge.

Alvin Powell
March 18, 2020 | harvard

~13 mins   

Tags: science-technology alvin-powell coronavirus covid-19 engineering engineering-technology internet jim-waldo online-learning remote-work stress-test work-from-home

Study connects specific genes with defective social behavior

Researchers use zebrafish to explore the connection between specific genetic mutations and group behavior.

Jessica Lau
March 13, 2020 | harvard

~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research imaging neuroscience social-behavior

Personalized blood biopsies may provide signal of cancer recurrence

Researchers have designed personalized blood biopsies that offer the potential of an early warning signal of breast cancer recurrence.

Karen Zusi
March 13, 2020 | harvard

~8 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research blood-biopsies breast-cancer broad-institute-of-mit-and-harvard dana-farber-cancer-institute gerstner-center-for-cancer-diagnostics tumor-mutations

NIH-funded i3 Center formed to advance cancer immunotherapy

Harvard’s Wyss Institute will collaborate with other institutions to form the i3 Center where cancer immunologists and biological engineers will develop new biomaterials-based approaches to enable anti-cancer immune-therapies for therapy-resistant cancers.

Benjamin Boettner
March 6, 2020 | harvard

~9 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research engineering harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences-dana-farber-cancer-institute harvards-department-of-stem-cell-and-regenerative-biology i3-center immune-therapies immuno-engineering-to-improve-immunotherapy-i3-center therapy-resistant-cancers wyss-institute-of-biologically-inspired-engineering-at-harvard-university

Was Charles Darwin first? Kind of depends

Charles Darwin’s work arose in an era where many were thinking about the source of nature’s variety.

Alvin Powell
March 5, 2020 | harvard

~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology alvin-powell arnold-arboretum charles-darwin evolution evolution-matters harvard-museum-of-natural-history harvard-museums-of-science-and-culture william-friedman

New clues about how and why the Maya culture collapsed

Human-environmental scientist says there are new clues about how and why the Maya culture collapsed.

Clea Simon
Feb. 28, 2020 | harvard

~7 mins   

Tags: science-technology arizona-state-university billie-l-turner-ii climate-change environments-sustainability history maya

Online demos can be as effective as classroom teaching

In a new paper, Harvard researchers show for the first time that research-based online STEM demonstrations not only can teach students more, but can be just as effective as classroom teaching.

Anna Fiorentino
Feb. 28, 2020 | harvard

~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology anna-fiorentino basic-research demonstrations fas greg-kestin louis-deslauriers proceedings-of-the-national-academy-of-sciences science-education teaching

How scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined — and exploited

A Harvard panel explores the connection between smell, emotion, and memory.

Colleen Walsh
Feb. 27, 2020 | harvard

~7 mins   

Tags: science-technology 1229 dawn-goldworm harvard-brain-science-initiative harvard-museum-of-natural-history venkatesh-murthy

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