A lifetime of climate change

Researcher Arun Agrawal has lived three decades on either side of a watershed: the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, signed 30 years ago this June. His 60 years are a window into how far we have come, and how far there is to go.

Nicola Jones • knowable
May 13, 2022 ~22 min

The race against radon

Scientists are working to map out the risks of the permafrost thaw, which could expose millions of people to the invisible cancer-causing gas

Chris Baraniuk • knowable
May 11, 2022 ~9 min

The tale of the domesticated horse

The beloved animal has shaped human history over millennia, just as people have influenced its evolution — but only recently have scientists discovered exactly when and where it went from wild to tame

Amber Dance • knowable
May 4, 2022 ~19 min

Gallium: The liquid metal that could transform soft electronics

Bend it. Stretch it. Use it to conduct electricity. Researchers are exploring a range of applications that harness the element’s unusual properties.

Kurt Kleiner • knowable
May 3, 2022 ~8 min

Does online opioid treatment work?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a sudden shift to virtual health care. That has increased access — and possibly outcomes, too — for patients with opioid use disorder.

Lola Butcher • knowable
May 2, 2022 ~13 min

The awake ape: Why people sleep less than our primate relatives

Ancient humans may have evolved to slumber efficiently — and in a crowd

Elizabeth Preston • knowable
April 28, 2022 ~14 min

Mining museums’ genomic treasures

The world’s natural history collections hold billions of biological specimens, many of which still contain DNA. Scientists exploring these genetic repositories are gaining new, historical perspectives on how animals evolve.

Eryn Brown • knowable
April 27, 2022 ~12 min

How antidepressants changed ideas about depression

PODCAST: Serendipitous discoveries led to drugs like Prozac and to new insights into the physical basis of this debilitating disorder. But scientists continue to search for deeper understandings and therapies that will bring relief to those who still struggle. (Season 2, Episode 6)

Adam Levy • knowable
April 26, 2022 ~30 min

Mapping the brain to understand the mind

New technology is enabling neuroscientists to make increasingly detailed wiring diagrams that could yield new insights into brain function

Monique Brouillette • knowable
April 21, 2022 ~13 min

Vaccinating the world against Covid-19

Lower-income countries haven’t gotten an equal share of lifesaving coronavirus vaccines. Older, more familiar vaccine technologies may hold the key to more equitable use, says Maria Elena Bottazzi.

Bob Holmes • knowable
April 18, 2022 ~13 min