3 Questions: Harnessing wave power to rebuild islands

In the Maldives, an MIT team is conducting experiments to combat sea-level rise by redirecting natural sand movement.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
May 11, 2020 ~9 min

Tags: climate-change environment architecture research school-of-architecture-and-planning school-of-science 3-questions oceanography-and-ocean-engineering eaps self-assembly

Discerning the texture of urban resilience

MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub researchers are investigating how the layouts, or textures, of cities influence extreme weather events.

Andrew Logan | Concrete Sustainability Hub • mit
March 30, 2020 ~10 min

Tags: cities sustainability climate-change architecture construction hurricanes natural-disasters research school-of-engineering urban-studies-and-planning civil-and-environmental-engineering concrete-sustainability-hub

New approach to sustainable building takes shape in Boston

A five-story mixed-use structure in Roxbury represents a new kind of net-zero-energy building, made from wood.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
March 4, 2020 ~9 min

Tags: cities sustainability energy startups architecture carbon greenhouse-gases emissions research school-of-architecture-and-planning innovation-and-entrepreneurship-ie building

Engineers put Leonardo da Vinci’s bridge design to the test

Proposed bridge would have been the world’s longest at the time; new analysis shows it would have worked.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
Oct. 9, 2019 ~8 min

Tags: history architecture 3-d-printing research school-of-architecture-and-planning school-of-engineering civil-and-environmental-engineering materials-science-and-engineering

The politics of ugly buildings

In new book, MIT’s Timothy Hyde looks at the architectural controversies that have helped shape Britain.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
May 24, 2019 ~7 min

Tags: history architecture arts research school-of-architecture-and-planning faculty books-and-authors

Six suborbital research payloads from MIT fly to space and back

Space Exploration Initiative research aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard experiment capsule crossed the Karman line for three minutes of sustained microgravity.

Stephanie Strom | MIT Media Lab • mit
May 3, 2019 ~9 min

Tags: space architecture agriculture manufacturing industry arts research media-lab school-of-architecture-and-planning aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering materials-science-and-engineering astronomy-and-planetary-science

Building the green | MIT News

Ken Wang ’71, MIT Corporation member and former MIT Alumni Association president, developed one of America’s premier modern golf courses.

Jay London | MIT Alumni Association • mit
June 29, 2018 ~3 min

Tags:  architecture  economics  alumniae  school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences  business-and-management  sports-and-fitness

MIT Collaboration with Dar Group supports the future of architecture, planning, and design | MIT News

MIT Resource Development • mit
June 26, 2018 ~3 min

Tags:  education  architecture  giving  media-lab  urban-studies-and-planning  education-teaching-academics  center-for-real-estate  campus-buildings-and-architecture  facilities  collaboration

MIT Professor Emerita Joan Jonas receives the 2018 Kyoto Prize | MIT News

Artist and scholar cited for her “immeasurable impact” in pioneering the integration of performance art and new media.

School of Architecture and Planning • mit
June 15, 2018 ~6 min

Tags:  architecture  arts  art  list-visual-arts-center  awards-honors-and-fellowships  school-of-architecture-and-planning  faculty  art-culture-and-technology  visual-arts

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