MIT physicist Rainer Weiss shares Nobel Prize in physics | MIT News

LIGO inventor and professor emeritus of physics recognized “for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves.”

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Oct. 3, 2017 ~12 min

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Gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger observed by LIGO and Virgo | MIT News

Finding represents first joint detection of gravitational waves with both detectors.

MIT News Office • mit
Sept. 27, 2017 ~8 min

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Rainer Weiss wins Princess of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research | MIT News

Prestigious Spanish award shared with Caltech's Kip Thorne and Barry Barish and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration for work in detecting gravitational waves.

MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research • mit
June 29, 2017 ~2 min

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LIGO detects merging black holes for third time | MIT News

Nearly 3 billion light years from Earth, the black holes are the farthest ever detected.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
June 1, 2017 ~8 min

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David Shoemaker named spokesperson for LIGO Scientific Collaboration | MIT News

Senior MIT research scientist to speak for international collaboration for gravitational wave detection research.

Julia C. Keller | School of Science • mit
March 29, 2017 ~6 min

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Scientists identify a black hole choking on stardust | MIT News

Data suggest black holes swallow stellar debris in bursts.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
March 14, 2017 ~7 min

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Self-made stars | MIT News

Astronomers observe black hole producing cold, star-making fuel from hot plasma jets and bubbles.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Feb. 14, 2017 ~6 min

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LIGO back online, ready for more discoveries | MIT News

Upgrades make detectors more sensitive to gravitational waves.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Nov. 30, 2016 ~7 min

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Dead X-ray satellite reveals “quiet” center of massive galaxy cluster | MIT News

Scientists find gas at center of Perseus cluster travels much more slowly than expected.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
July 6, 2016 ~7 min

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For second time, LIGO detects gravitational waves | MIT News

Signal was produced by two black holes colliding 1.4 billion light years away.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
June 15, 2016 ~8 min

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