The uncertain role of natural gas in the transition to clean energy

MIT study finds that challenges in measuring and mitigating leakage of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, prove pivotal.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
Dec. 16, 2019 ~9 min

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3Q: Hazel Sive on MIT-Africa | MIT News

Faculty director discusses the future of the initiative and Africa’s position as a global priority for the Institute.

Sarah McDonnell | MIT News Office • mit
May 7, 2018 ~7 min

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What will we eat in the year 2050? | MIT News

Climate Changed Symposium combines art and science to envision the global food system under climate change.

Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change • mit
April 30, 2018 ~5 min

 sustainability  climate-change  environment  architecture  agriculture  food  policy  arts  design  school-of-architecture-and-planning  school-of-science  special-events-and-guest-speakers  eaps  joint-program-on-the-science-and-policy-of-global-change  earth-and-atmospheric-sciences  esi

Exploring ethical dimensions of climate negotiation | MIT News

MIT researchers focus on empathy, transparency, and empowerment at this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Emily Dahl | MIT Energy Initiative • mit
Dec. 18, 2017 ~13 min

 sustainability  climate-change  policy  global-warming  media-lab  school-of-architecture-and-planning  school-of-engineering  urban-studies-and-planning  technology-and-society  idss  mit-energy-initiative  alternative-energy  joint-program-on-the-science-and-policy-of-global-change  technology-and-policy  esi  mit-sloan-school-of-management  center-for-energy-and-environmental-policy-research  climate-colab

John Fernández: Growing grassroots for sustainability on campus and abroad | MIT News

Environmental Solutions Initiative’s new director discusses sustainable development, student engagement, and making Baker House his home.

Francesca McCaffrey | MIT Energy Initiative • mit
Aug. 2, 2016 ~9 min

 mathematics  sustainability  climate-change  environment  architecture  profile  research  design  urban-studies-and-planning  alumniae  faculty  mit-energy-initiative  joint-program-on-the-science-and-policy-of-global-change  student-life  esi  climate-colab

Charting a new course in Africa | MIT News

John Fernandez and his colleagues explore urban resource consumption to help guide the development of rapidly growing African cities.

Steve Calechman | MIT Industrial Liaison Program • mit
Oct. 26, 2015 ~9 min

 africa  sustainability  environment  architecture  industry  profile  school-of-architecture-and-planning  urban-studies-and-planning  faculty  esi  building

MIT announces five-year plan for action on climate change | MIT News

Hundreds of millions sought for low-carbon research; advocacy for carbon pricing; a call to the alumni and beyond.

News Office • mit
Oct. 21, 2015 ~19 min

 sustainability  climate-change  energy  environment  online-learning  community  urban-studies-and-planning  global  president-l-rafael-reif  technology-and-society  mit-energy-initiative  nuclear-science-and-engineering  administration  alternative-energy  oil-and-gas  crowdsourcing  esi  climate-colab

John E. Fernandez named new leader of MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative | MIT News

Institute-wide initiative aims to address environmental issues at all scales, from campuswide to worldwide.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
Oct. 19, 2015 ~8 min

 cities  sustainability  climate-change  energy  environment  architecture  food  water  design  school-of-architecture-and-planning  urban-studies-and-planning  global  faculty  technology-and-society  administration  esi

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