Professor Emeritus Bernard Burke, astrophysics pioneer, dies at 90 | MIT News

Former Astrophysics Division chair discovered radio noise from Jupiter and the first Einstein Ring, and developed tools to map the universe.

Sandi Miller | Department of Physics • mit
Sept. 24, 2018 ~12 min

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Irving London, founding director of Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology, dies at 99 | MIT News

Longtime biology professor and expert in hemoglobin synthesis was committed to the integration of biomedical research, education, and medical practice.

Institute for Medical Engineering and Science • mit
May 25, 2018 ~5 min

 medicine  biology  school-of-engineering  school-of-science  harvard-mit-health-sciences-and-technology  education-teaching-academics  faculty  health-sciences-and-technology  institute-for-medical-engineering-and-science-imes  obituaries

Professor Emeritus Leon Trilling dies at 93 | MIT News

Aeronautical engineer and historian of technology was an esteemed humanistic thinker and advocate for equality.

Sarah Jensen | Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics • mit
May 15, 2018 ~8 min

 teaching  school-of-engineering  diversity-and-inclusion  school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences  faculty  aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering  program-in-sts  academics  obituaries

P.L. Thibaut Brian, professor emeritus of chemical engineering, dies at 87 | MIT News

Longtime professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering was a champion of engineering and safety excellence throughout his career.

Melanie Miller Kaufman | Department of Chemical Engineering • mit
April 18, 2018 ~3 min

 school-of-engineering  faculty  chemical-engineering  obituaries

Professor Joseph Sussman, expert in complex engineering systems and revered mentor, dies at 79 | MIT News

Leader in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Institute for Data, Systems, and Society was the inaugural JR East Professor.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering | Institute for Data, Systems, and Society • mit
April 4, 2018 ~7 min

 school-of-engineering  alumniae  faculty  idss  civil-and-environmental-engineering  obituaries  systems-engineering

Institute Professor Emeritus Morris Halle, innovative and influential linguist, dies at 94 | MIT News

Scholar conducted groundbreaking research, helped found MIT’s linguistics program, and inspired generations of students.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
April 3, 2018 ~13 min

 linguistics  school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences  faculty  obituaries

Donald Rosenfield, a longtime leader of MIT Leaders for Global Operations, dies at 70 | MIT News

An MIT graduate, Rosenfield is remembered for his passion for manufacturing and commitment to his students.

Zach Church | MIT Sloan School of Management • mit
Jan. 18, 2018 ~10 min

 mathematics  manufacturing  school-of-engineering  school-of-science  electrical-engineering-computer-science-eecs  sloan-school-of-management  faculty  obituaries  leaders-for-global-operations-lgo

Remembering Raymond F. Baddour, professor emeritus of chemical engineering | MIT News

A visionary educator and entrepreneur, Baddour was a pioneer in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, and spearheaded the creation of Building 66.

Melanie Kaufman | Department of Chemical Engineering • mit
Jan. 16, 2018 ~5 min

 school-of-engineering  faculty  chemical-engineering  obituaries

Martin Rein, former professor of urban studies and planning, dies at 89 | MIT News

Expert in social policy and social reform, especially the welfare state and retirement policy, was a longtime MIT professor.

School of Architecture and Planning • mit
Nov. 15, 2017 ~6 min

 school-of-architecture-and-planning  urban-studies-and-planning  faculty  obituaries

Remembering Christine Moulen, library systems manager at the MIT Libraries | MIT News

Alumna leaves legacy of kindness and passionate dedication to her work and her communities.

MIT Libraries • mit
Nov. 13, 2017 ~3 min

 school-of-engineering  alumniae  staff  aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering  mit-libraries  obituaries

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