Building the ultimate record of the ocean

Carl Wunsch continues to expand his foundational framework for understanding the behavior of worldwide oceans as a whole.

Kelsey Tsipis | EAPS • mit
Nov. 21, 2018 ~6 min

Tags: climate-change environment global-warming research school-of-science faculty oceanography-and-ocean-engineering eaps ocean-science earth-and-atmospheric-sciences fluid-dynamics

Oceanographers produce first-ever images of entire cod shoals

Wide-ranging acoustic images could help researchers identify populations on the brink of collapse.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Nov. 6, 2018 ~8 min

Tags: environment research mechanical-engineering school-of-engineering national-science-foundation-nsf oceanography-and-ocean-engineering

Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current

Long-term melting may lead to release of huge volumes of cold, fresh water into the North Atlantic, impacting global climate.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Oct. 17, 2018 ~7 min

Tags: climate-change environment climate global-warming research school-of-science national-science-foundation-nsf oceanography-and-ocean-engineering satellites eaps ocean-science earth-and-atmospheric-sciences fluid-dynamics

Beach sand ripples can be fingerprints for ancient weather conditions | MIT News

Experiments show shifting ripple patterns can signal times of environmental flux.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
Sept. 27, 2018 ~9 min

Tags:  geology  environment  water  research  school-of-science  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering  eaps  earth-and-atmospheric-sciences  fluid-dynamics

Collaboration to expand the study of microbial oceanography | MIT News

Simons Foundation-backed CBIOMES brings together researchers in oceanography, statistics, data science, ecology, biogeochemistry, and remote sensing.

Helen Hill | EAPS • mit
July 10, 2018 ~9 min

Tags:  evolution  funding  biology  ecology  data  marine-biology  school-of-engineering  school-of-science  civil-and-environmental-engineering  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering  eaps  earth-and-atmospheric-sciences

The race to build the Navy’s next fleet of ships | MIT News

Retired Rear Admiral Chuck Goddard OCE ’85, SM ’85 is leading a bid to design the US Navy’s next class of guided-missile frigates.

Mary Beth O'Leary | Department of Mechanical Engineering • mit
June 28, 2018 ~6 min

Tags:  mechanical-engineering  alumniae  navy  security-studies-and-military  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering

Albatross robot takes flight | MIT News

Autonomous glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like a sailboat.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
May 18, 2018 ~8 min

Tags:  robotics  robots  research  autonomous-vehicles  drones  mechanical-engineering  school-of-engineering  aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering

Fundamental equations guide marine robots to optimal sampling sites | MIT News

New principled approach helps autonomous underwater vehicles explore the ocean in an intelligent, energy-efficient manner.

MIT News Office • mit
May 9, 2018 ~9 min

Tags:  machine-learning  research  autonomous-vehicles  mechanical-engineering  school-of-engineering  national-science-foundation-nsf  tata-center  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering  computer-modeling  lincoln-laboratory  fluid-dynamics

Understanding microbial competition for nitrogen | MIT News

Interactions among microorganisms account for nitrite accumulation just below the sunlit zone, with implications for oceanic carbon and nitrogen cycling.

Lauren Hinkel | Oceans at MIT • mit
April 10, 2018 ~10 min

Tags:  chemistry  carbon  biology  ecology  microbes  microbiology  research  school-of-science  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering  eaps  ocean-science

Soft robotic fish swims alongside real ones in coral reefs | MIT News

Made of silicone rubber, CSAIL’s “SoFi” could enable a closer study of aquatic life.

Adam Conner-Simons | CSAIL • mit
March 21, 2018 ~6 min

Tags:  robotics  artificial-intelligence  robots  soft-robotics  3-d-printing  research  additive-manufacturing  school-of-engineering  electrical-engineering-computer-science-eecs  computer-science-and-artificial-intelligence-laboratory-csail  national-science-foundation-nsf  oceanography-and-ocean-engineering  actuators  distributed-robotics-laboratory  biomimetics

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