Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world

When searching for extraterrestrial life, astronomers may want to look at planets with hydrogen-rich atmospheres.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
May 4, 2020 ~9 min

Tags: astronomy astrophysics biology bacteria eaps exoplanets kavli-institute planetary-science research space astronomy-and-planetary-science space-exploration school-of-engineering school-of-science

How to detect life on Mars

Scientists from the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes instrument team develop method to detect the tiniest traces of life on other planetary bodies.

Fatima Husain | EAPS • mit
June 17, 2019 ~5 min

Tags: eaps school-of-science dna mars planetary-science space-exploration microchips biology space astronomy-and-planetary-science research

Danielle Wood joins Media Lab faculty | MIT News

MIT alumna is establishing a new research group aimed at harnessing space engineering to improve life on Earth.

MIT Media Lab • mit
Aug. 28, 2017 ~6 min

Tags:  faculty  alumniae  space-astronomy-and-planetary-science  space-exploration  aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering  nasa  earth-and-atmospheric-sciences  developing-countries  satellites  media-lab  school-of-architecture-and-planning  school-of-engineering  engineering-systems  poverty

TESS mission to discover new planets moves toward launch | MIT News

Satellite’s cameras have been delivered by MIT researchers and passed NASA inspection.

Helen Knight | MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research • mit
Aug. 4, 2017 ~6 min

Tags:  tess  research  astronomy  space-exploration  exoplanets  satellites  space  kavli-institute  lincoln-laboratory  physics  eaps  school-of-science  nasa  space  space-astronomy-and-planetary-science

MIT space hotel wins NASA graduate design competition | MIT News

Module would serve as a commercially owned space station, featuring a luxury hotel as the primary anchor tenant and NASA as a temporary co-anchor tenant.

System Design and Management Program • mit
June 28, 2017 ~5 min

Tags:  students  graduate-postdoctoral  awards-honors-and-fellowships  nasa  space-exploration  space-astronomy-and-planetary-science  design  system-design-and-management  school-of-engineering  aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering  civil-and-environmental-engineering  sloan-school-of-management  school-of-architecture-and-planning

NASA selects three from MIT for astronaut training | MIT News

Chari, Hoburg, and Moghbeli, all with ties to the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, represent a quarter of NASA's astronaut candidate Class of 2017.

Bill Litant | Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics • mit
June 13, 2017 ~2 min

Tags:  nasa  faculty  alumniae  aeronautics-and-astronautics  space-exploration  space-astronomy-and-planetary-science  school-of-engineering

Media Lab sets sights on space | MIT News

MIT Media Lab event, Beyond the Cradle, launches a new initiative to explore the final frontier.

Margaret Evans | MIT Media Lab • mit
March 14, 2017 ~14 min

Tags:  special-events-and-guest-speakers  media-lab  eaps  aeronautical-and-astronautical-engineering  nasa  industry  space-exploration  space  space-astronomy-and-planetary-science  earth-and-atmospheric-sciences  astrophysics  exoplanets  film-and-television  arts  design  school-of-architecture-and-planning  school-of-science  school-of-engineering  stem-education  k-12-education

Joy Buolamwini wins national contest for her work fighting bias in machine learning | MIT News

Media Lab graduate student selected from over 7,300 entrants, awarded $50,000 scholarship in contest inspired by the film "Hidden Figures."

MIT Media Lab • mit
Jan. 17, 2017 ~5 min

Tags:  awards-honors-and-fellowships  students  graudate  graduate-postdoctoral  media-lab  diversity-and-inclusion  machine-learning  algorithms  history-of-science  women-in-stem  shass  school-of-architecture-and-planning  nasa  space-exploration  object-recognition  history  computer-science-and-technology

Prepping a robot for its journey to Mars | MIT News

Senior Sarah Hensley aims to improve Earth's most advanced humanoid robot, in advance of its trip to the Red Planet.

Meg Murphy | School of Engineering • mit
Oct. 18, 2016 ~4 min

Tags:  students  undergraduate  superurop  robotics  robots  electrical-engineering-computer-science-eecs  nasa  computer-science-and-artificial-intelligence-laboratory-csail  research  space-exploration  mars  school-of-engineering  artificial-intelligence

Getting real — on Mars | MIT News

Sydney Do, a PhD student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is adding authenticity to a virtual Mars experience.

William Litant | Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics • mit
Jan. 26, 2016 ~4 min

Tags:  mars  students  graduate-postdoctoral  nasa  school-of-engineering  space-astronomy-and-planetary-science  space-exploration  research  augmented-and-virtual-reality

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