Testing the waters

MIT sophomore Rachel Shen looks for microscopic solutions to big environmental challenges.

Lucy Jakub | Department of Biology | Jan. 28, 2020 | mit
~7 mins   

Tags: biology school-of-science mitx undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop civil-and-environmental-engineering school-of-engineering bacteria data environment microbes profile research

“You don’t learn this in class”

Students in the MIT Energy Initiative Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program build professional skills.

Aaron Weber | MIT Energy Initiative | Jan. 4, 2019 | mit
~12 mins   

Tags: school-of-architecture-and-planning urban-studies-and-planning materials-science-and-engineering mit-energy-initiative undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop research students undergraduate dmse school-of-engineering

MIT undergraduates to embark on The Quest | MIT News

Up to 100 Quest-funded UROP projects aim to crack the code of human and machine intelligence.

MIT Quest for Intelligence | Sept. 7, 2018
~3 mins |

Tags:  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  students  undergraduate  artificial-intelligence  quest-for-intelligence  school-of-science  school-of-engineering

A celebration of community and research accomplishments | MIT News

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Senior Celebration and Awards Banquet honors the Class of 2018 and outstanding community members.

Carolyn Schmitt | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering | June 1, 2018
~11 mins |

Tags:  special-events-and-guest-speakers  civil-and-environmental-engineering  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  school-of-engineering

With The Herman Project, home bakers become citizen scientists | MIT News

Network tracks the evolution of microbial communities in sourdough starter mixtures shared around the world.

Carolyn Schmitt | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering | April 12, 2018
~7 mins |

Tags:  civil-and-environmental-engineering  school-of-engineering  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  bacteria  evolution  microbes  crowdsourcing

Bridging the science-policy divide | MIT News

For MIT senior Talia Weiss, physics and theater have provided a springboard for new interests in political science.

Fatima Husain | MIT News correspondent | Oct. 17, 2017
~8 mins |

Tags:  profile  students  undergraduate  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  urban-studies-and-planning  stem-education  political-science  policy  physics  theater  school-of-science  shass  laboratory-for-nuclear-science

Presentation practice: Hurricanes to prosthetics | MIT News

Students hone their communication skills by presenting their research projects at the 4th annual Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition.

Mary Beth O'Leary | Department of Mechanical Engineering | Oct. 2, 2017
~5 mins |

Tags:  school-of-engineering  mechanical-engineering  awards-honors-and-fellowships  assistive-technology  contests-and-academic-competitions  weather  students  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  research

Kaylee de Soto: A game changer | MIT News

Incoming freshman refreshes Plasma Science and Fusion Center outreach tools.

Paul Rivenberg | Plasma Science and Fusion Center | Sept. 6, 2017
~5 mins |

Tags:  plasma-science-and-fusion-center  physics  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  game-lab  students  video-games  nuclear-science-and-engineering  mit-energy-initiative

A deep dive into research | MIT News

SuperUROP gives undergraduates the chance to immerse themselves in a year-long research project with supportive mentors to guide the way.

Alison F. Takemura | Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | June 22, 2017
~9 mins |

Tags:  students  research  undergraduate  undergraduate-research-opportunities-program-urop  classes-and-programs  school-of-engineering  electrical-engineering-computer-science-eecs  aeronautics-and-astronautics  biological-engineering  chemical-engineering  civil-and-environmental-engineering  computer-science-and-artificial-intelligence-laboratory-csail

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